At Multimedia Makeup Academy we address cosmetic training from a rigorous academic perspective.

Like any leading institution of higher education, you must be accepted into the Multimedia Makeup Academy. Thus the classroom environment is filled with engaged, talented students – the optimum learning environment. The curriculum is highly structured, with core classes and specialty tracks, similar to leading career colleges. The curriculum is also continuously improved, based on input from leading industry employers regarding the latest techniques and market needs.  As a result, the skills learned at the Multimedia Makeup Academy are broad, deep, and state-of-the-art.


Multimedia Makeup Academy students graduate well prepared for rewarding careers.

Similar to fine art schools Multimedia’s curriculum combines skill and technique with creativity and inspiration. Students are encouraged to find originality and make their brand unique to the beauty industry. What makes an artist great is their ability to think outside of the box and allow their creative instinct to help guide their career. Instructor Artists remind their class that you do not need to be skilled in drawing, sketching, sculpting or painting be a creative. All you need is inspiration and an open mind.


Multimedia Makeup Academy graduates are prepared to prosper.

Multimedia’s curriculum is rich in business strategy and gainful employment content. The Academy was built on the promise to not only provide students with the technical skills to become a successful makeup artist, but to also teach students the importance of good business. Multimedia helps to develop an employment strategy and coaches students on cover letters, resumes, portfolios and interviews. Through industry relationships Multimedia will connect students and alumni with employers and assist them in finding internships, apprenticeships, trade work and  part-time or full-time employment.  Students and graduates of the Academy will have exclusive access to employment opportunities that are posted in real time on Multimedia Makeup Academy’s App.

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