200 Kirts Blvd.,Troy, MI 48084

Camps and Courses for Aspiring Artists

Multimedia Makeup Academy is so excited to welcome all of the youngsters to the campus so they can begin to explore the possibilities of their future.

Not to mention meeting new friends and having some fun along the way.

Time to expand your horror expertise or own the costume party floor! 

For ages 9 and up, we have a class to get you ready for the spookiest season of them all!

On November 23rd, we’re offering a slew of makeup courses for you and those special to you!

We have Makeup and Margaritas for a little extra fun

Princess Tea Party, Girls’ Day are SOLD OUT!

In the Winter Wonderland Makeup Camps, Campers can turn themselves into a fierce Winter Warrior, a Frostbitten Kitten, and an Ice Princess!

They will surprise their family and friends with realistic looking frostbite makeup and create fantasy looks inspired by the Winter Wonderland!

Location of Camps and Courses

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