What is it?

The Career Concierge is service sector of MMA designed to assist students in finding career opportunities that match their interest and to make it easy for employers in the makeup industry to find students or graduates of MMA that are the right fit!

It works in Two Parts

JOBS & Beneficial Career Experience Opportunities-  which is open to all students

  • Opportunities are communicated to the student body through text messages

  • Interested students/alumni complete a pre-qualifying survey and submit a resume or portfolio

  • Surveys are vetted by the Career Concierge

  • Interviews are arranged on behalf of both parties

  • Students/Grads are hired!

  • Mandatory post-hire surveys are conducted

  • Student are spotlighted for the MMA community to share in their successes

  • Progress check-ins & surveys are conducted to measure the continued success of the opportunities/positions taken


  • 4 week rotation (1 week at a time- may not be consecutive days)
      • Beauty (ex/salon shadowing)
      • Bridal (ex/assistant to bridal artist)
      • Fashion/Commercial (ex/photographer shadow)
      • Special FX (ex/Erebus/Film)
  • Takes place at the end of the program after their final clinical 
Makeup Job Photo

Why was this created?

Masters of Artistry Students will be required to complete an internship to graduate AND as mentioned, you CAN find your own internship, but we are here to help when you need.

The reason it’s so important for this program to be established is that you need the experience! Future jobs will require it AND your education continues as you begin to work. Set yourself apart from other graduating students by having a background in the role you want!

We also want to see our students find success and we know having this experience is going to exponentially increase your chances of landing that next big job!

Let us help you and then you’ll be out there representing Multimedia Makeup Academy in the best way possible: A WORKING PROFESSIONAL!

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