200 Kirts Blvd.,Troy, MI 48084

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment Deadlines

Multimedia¬†Makeup Academy’s Important Enrollment Dates can be found below.

Contact Multimedia Makeup Academy at (248) 792-6568

We are located at 200 Kirts Blvd, Troy, MI 48084

Enrollment Dates Deadlines for 2019:

WINTER Deadlines:

January FT: Dec 1st
February PT: Jan 9th

SPRING Deadlines:

March FT: Feb 4th
April PT: Mar 4th
May FT: April 1st

SUMMER Deadlines:

June PT: April 1st
July FT: June 10th

FALL Deadlines:

September FT: Aug 5th
October FT: Sept 2nd
November FT: Oct 1st
November PT: Oct 1st

If you need further assistance, let us know by filling out a form (located below) requesting a call or email.

If you need more information on classes, we have everything under the Program Summaries page, but feel free to text us at: (248) 595-7967.