9 Aug 2019

Financing Your Makeup Education

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Student Loans, Financial Aid, Government Funding, Grants, and ‘what-have-you’ are all becoming troublesome words. 

A whopping 17% of annual income is going to payments of student loan debt, for younger and lower-income families. 

At Multimedia Makeup Academy, we’ve always focused on creating an amazing curriculum first, but before today we felt we could have always done more, when it came to financing.

Luckily, MMA and T&I Credit Union have partnered to give you an amazing option for financing your tuition and beginning a career in beauty, makeup, or special effects!

And even better! We were able to interview the man behind the magic, Kyle Trondle, and get his first-hand thoughts on T&I Credit Union, the loan, how it works, and why its the best option for a budding artist.

Kyle Trondle from T&I Credit Union

Kyle on his excitement to be working with MMA: “I’m really excited about it, especially being a former student. Obviously the marketing and everything else for myself, but we relate and know the struggle of trying to find money and the stress trying to focus on school at the same time.

It’s something where we’re glad we’re able to offer an easy, carefree solution.”

T&I Credit Union History

T&I Credit Union has a storied history in the Clawson area (just South of Troy and Multimedia Makeup Academy). Kyle went to expand with the following: “T&I Credit Union has been around for 64 years, so back in 1955 and it started with tractor and implements. Actually, that’s what the T&I stood for. We branch out from there when the plant closed, they kept the Credit Union open and we expanded to, at that point was a 25-mile radius around the Clawson area. More recently we’ve expanded to seven different counties.

So we’ve been continuing to grow, trying to find a new foothold of trying to rebuild the area itself, not just the Metro Detroit area, but also expanding and helping people that truly need it. So instead of being a bank where we’re more focused on trying to earn money or trying to have higher interest rates, we’re focused on putting every dollar we make back into our members.

So it’s a lower rate. It’s offering different loan programs like we’re offering with you guys right now to make life more affordable and give people better financial goals.”

Hearing all of this from Kyle is fine and dandy, but seeing is believing. That’s where the loan terms, conditions and requirements come into play. And when you see them, you’ll begin to realize that T&I Credit Union is here to help the community and (more importantly) you grow!

Multimedia Makeup Academy Student Loan

The student loan options for MMA students are available once a student’s MMA application is accepted. Once accepted for makeup education, the student will be able to apply for two different types of loans. The two different types are offered to help meet every student’s needs.

The first loan is for students who need up to borrow up to $10,000 and do not have a co-signer. The second loan allows the borrower to take up to $20,000, but it does require a co-signer on the loan.

Both loans have a rate of 7% and come with a 4-year term.

Please check out the loan requirements (including opening up a T&I Credit Union Savings and Checking) and the Terms and Conditions on our main site.


Now what?

Well, the important thing is to ask yourself if you’re ready to become a full-fledged makeup artist? Do you have what it takes to reach for your goals and make your dream job a reality?

Then click on the button below to start your conversation with Multimedia Makeup Academy and begin learning more about how your career is just months away!

And if you’re ready to apply for admission, we have that button too! Just remember, to start talking financing, we can always go over the basics, but to actually apply, you need to be accepted as a student first.

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