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Multimedia Makeup Academy’s new financing options are here! T&I Credit Union is helping MMA students get into the classroom easier with multiple education loan options! Check out all of the information below to find out how to make paying for school BETTER THAN EASY and how our new financing options ARE FOR EVERYONE!

Whether you need a little

Finance Core Program for
$163 per month

Or More!

Get approved for a $20,000 Loan

Start here, by reviewing your options!

Decide which loan situation will work best for your situation!

Option One (Individual Borrower):

  • Loan Amount: Up to $10,000

  • Rate: 7.00%

  • Term: 4 Years

Option One

Option Two (w/ Co-signer):

  • Loan Amount: Up to $20,000

  • Rate: 7.00%

  • Term: 4 Year

Option Two

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Financing Options Multimedia Makeup Academy TandI Credit Union

Education Loan Process

Loan Application Requirements

  • Open a T&I Credit Union Savings Account
  • Open a T&I Credit Union Checking Account
  • Set up auto-pay from the T&I Credit Union Checking Account to the loan and ensure there is enough money in the checking account (each month) to make the minimum payment
  • Maintain the minimum balance in both your Savings ($5.00) and Checking ($25.00) Accounts

Terms and Conditions

  • Must have a qualified co-borrower on the loan if you are looking to borrow more than $10,000
  • Students with a Credit Score of 620 or less will be required to come in and sit down with a loan officer prior to receiving the loan
  • Students with a Credit Score of 620 or less will be highly encouraged to set up a quarterly meeting with an adviser at T&I Credit Union to review  payment history and credit score
  • The Multimedia Makeup Academy Education Loan will not be subject to risk rating and the rate will not be changed based on an individual’s credit score

Get Started!

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T&I Credit Union

Education Loan

T&I Credit Union is the new Financing Partner of Multimedia Makeup Academy!

T&I Credit Union is an award winning Credit Union, in the Metro Detroit Area, and have always put an emphasis on easy finance options. Which is part of the reason why they were voted, by their customers, as  the number one Mortgage Lender in the “Local 4, Vote 4 The Best” poll.

To continue to help build the Detroit community, T&I Credit Union wants to ensure your focus is on your studies and NOT your loans!

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