Multimedia Makeup Academy FAQ's

The duration depends upon the program of study.  The range is between 2 months and 2 years.

We have 4 comprehensive programs that are defined by specific areas of artistry.  Each program varies in cost depending upon your area of interest. Before entering a program of study, you must be accepted to MMA first. Our online courses begin at $800, Programs start at $6,800 and the cost includes:  tuition, kits, unlimited online course access, class materials, school uniform, and technology usage.

We will send a certified letter through the mail or a private email with our decision. The entire process can take up to 2 weeks.

We do not accept traditional government-funded financial aid. However, we have a few great alternatives that will leave you without hefty student loans.

We have a relationship with T & I Credit Union to offer an exclusive loan opportunity for MMA students ONLY! With options that fit whatever your situation may be, check out how you can finance your future by clicking here.

Contact an advisor today at +1 (248)-792-6568 x 5 to help fund your future!  

At times we offer a discount for payment in full. Check with your admissions advisor for details.

The balance of the tuition is due in full before the start of class unless a payment plan has been structured.

The Multimedia Makeup Academy is a non-discriminatory institution. We do not deny your enrollment due to religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, weight, height, marital status, gender, gender identity, employment, or housing.

Criteria for acceptance include a GED or High School Diploma and Picture ID. U.S. residents (citizens and green card holders) must have a social security card. Non-residents should have appropriate documentation to study in the United States.

You must complete the application, detailing your work history, experiences, and education.  You must also submit an essay to help our admissions team understand your goals and intentions.

Upon meeting these criteria, you are accepted or denied.  This process takes up to two weeks.

An Admissions Advisor will call and schedule an enrollment appointment. During the appointment, we will discuss your goals and then review the class requirements, class schedule, and tuition options to achieve them. You will leave with your own individualized academic plan that is the most time- and cost-effective approach to pursue your dreams.

You will also be scheduled for a mandatory Student Orientation prior to the start of classes.

The program pricing is all-inclusive: tuition, kits, class and print materials, online course access, uniform, and technology usage.

You will need to replenish items in your kit on your own, we encourage you to use visit our store and utilize your 20%- 30% discount.

NOTE: A $75 kit rush fee may be assessed to students who register less than 2 weeks from their first day of class.

During the year we often host specialty events exclusively for our students and alumni! Guest speakers, industry tours, career mingles, networking mixers, student competitions, and charity events are some of the extracurricular activities students take part in.

We will grant a leave of absence for a sudden hardship (medical emergency, maternity, or family grievance). However, this does not allow for disruption of loan repayment unless authorized by the MMA. Payments are expected to continue.

We do offer all students and graduates job placement opportunities.  We assist with the process of academy graduates working in the industry post-education.  Our relationships for employment include production companies, bridal businesses, news stations, film directors, and salons to name a few.

Yes!  Upon program completion and assessment/project requirements, you will receive your certificate at our graduation ceremony.  The ceremony takes place twice annually in the summer and winter.

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