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Horror Movie Tournament!

Halloween Started When August Ended!

Vote For Round Three and WIN Two (2) Free Passes to our Halloween Makeup Classes on October 26th!

Multimedia Makeup Academy, in all of its grace, poise, and wisdom, has decided to let their freak fly and create a Halloween Bracket to end all Halloween Brackets: Special FX Showdown

This is your chance to fan-girl or fan-boy your favorite film to the top of the leader board  of horror film supremacy!

The list below, curated by MMA Instructors and Alumni, is a combination of scream inducing genius wrapped in a special FX nightmare (in a good way).

From now until Halloween, we want to see what you think as we drill down our list of 16 films to the crowning of the greatest horror film for Special FX!

Round Three commences October 14th at 9:00 AM and runs until October 21st at 9:00 PM.

Vote now, vote later, and tell your friends that its time to wear your passions on your sleeve and vote for your absolute favorite horror movies!

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