Media Principles Overview

Prepares the artist for more demanding makeup applications, such as television broadcast, theater, avant-garde, body painting, and drag.

Graduates can explore job opportunities on commercial sets, theatrical  productions, high fashion print work, low budget films or even a beauty blogger.

Type: On Campus
Tuition: $15,100

Prerequisite: N/A
Hours: 271.5 hrs
Forum: Full or Part-time
Electives: 2
Focus: Professional Makeup Career in Commercial Industry

Media Principles Curriculum

In this course students will learn how to minimize texture from scaring and acne, how to cover vibrant colors for skin conditions like a port wine stains and vitiligo. In addition, they will learn tattoo cover up and realistic camouflage for the high demands of HD. 

The primary focus of this course is on realistic trauma and out of the kit effects while learning the best techniques for 3D transfers and silicone and slab mold making. 

Students will take a trip through history to learn about and execute looks from every decade ranging from the 1920s-1970s. Skills like brow blocking and HD makeup are essential to learning to create these classic looks for moderns times. 

In this course students will be equipped with knowledge to determine the differences between trade versus paid work, how to understand and negotiate commercial rates, learn photo shoot etiquette in order to effectively work with with talent, creative team and high profile clients.

This course is a compilation of skills need to work on photo shoots, ad campaigns, bridal, commercial shoots and runway shows. Editorial, Clean Beauty and Runway Makeup skills are taught to equip students to meet the demands of an ever-changing part of the makeup industry. Men’s Grooming and women’s styling accompany the makeup technique taught to complete a comprehensive look. The final course project is a mock photo-shoot that incorporates all skills learned in the classroom. 

This course is designed to equip students with the creative knowledge to execute conceptual Avant Garde designs. Students will learn the difference between inspiration and imitation, the pioneers of Avant Garde looks, how to conceptualize their designs, and how to incorporate unusual products into their makeups while maintaining a high taste level. 

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