Special FX Overview

Special FX Principles trains the student to dramatically sculpt and cast the face or body and add and hide mechanisms that mimic catastrophic events, or fantasy creatures. 

Graduates that successfully complete this program and the projects necessary for certification can embark on feature films, commercial theatrical productions, creative director positions, haunt makeup head positions, or any opportunity that involves sculpting.

Type: On Campus
Tuition: $18,100

Prerequisite: N/A
Hours: 330 hrs
Forum: Full or Part-time
Electives: 2
Focus: Professional Makeup Career in Film Industry

Special FX Curriculum

The principles for design,  blending, and coloring techniques will be taught through hands-on appliance building and painting. Students will gain an understanding of FX history as a source of inspiration. 

The primary focus of this course is on realistic trauma and out of the kit effects while learning the best techniques for 3D transfers and silicone and slab mold making. 

This course adds to fundamental beauty airbrush training by equipping students to execute fantasy and character airbrush applications. Focusing on dual action techniques, they will learn how to layer colors, add texture to the human form as well as how to airbrush appliances.

Students first gain knowledge on the importance and strategies for ensuring safety and taking precautions. The course consists of the process of preparing the life casting  product, area, and model. Students will cast with alginate and refine the life cast upon completion. 

This course covers tool knowledge,  sculpting sourcing inspiration, sculpting techniques and how to alter facial anatomy in order to create creatures a creative mind can only image up to this point. Students will conceptualize their design, sculpt to create clay formations, learn to block out form, refine their sculpt and create texture. 

This is where the designs begin to come to life. Preparing the sculpture for the molding process is the first step. Creating two piece Ultracal molds and running the foam latex are the process of completing the piece. Then, the skill of applying the foam latex appliances combined with blending techniques will ensure the student’s creature reads realistic on camera.

This course consists of learning to sculpt character pieces with new technique. Designing a character is the first part of the process. The next step- sculpting, and casting the piece in silicone brings the character into being. Students will obtain the skills needed to create multi-piece molds and complete the course project by the casting, application and coloring of the silicone appliances.

Taking the skills of concept and design further, students will learn new techniques for casting and sculpting.  Creating a 3-piece mold with ultracal and injecting casting material into the mold will produce pieces to enhance projects such as ear prosthetics or character props.

Diversifying the student’s knowledge and use of FX materials such as acrylics and silicone, allows them to better meet any demands in the industry.  Students will learn two different techniques to create  prosthetic teeth. Through dental casting and sculpting, students will create the missing piece that will put the finishing touches on their creations. 

This course equips the student with an understanding of how to navigate through and establish rapport in networking environments in order to  to book work. A review of deal memos, film set etiquette, budgeting, and script breakdowns make this course an integral part of the Special FX program.

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