Our commitment to student success goes way beyond the classroom and distinguishes the makeup academy from other studios, and makes it the best lifelong value in makeup artistry training.

A commitment that begins with daily mentoring, where we encourage you to be the best you can be. Rather than rigid and cold, the Academy is a flexible and warm community – stepping up to solve problems, not create them. As you prepare for graduation, Multimedia Makeup Academy faculty and staff help you develop an employment strategy, and coach you on cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Multimedia Makeup Acacdemy career mentoring then helps connect you to industry employers so you can launch a rewarding career.

Makeup Artistry Career FAQs

Who hires makeup artists?

The fashion and entertainment industries are by far the largest employers of makeup artists. Fashion needs cutting edge artists to complement wardrobe. High-end retail often features artists in cosmetic promotions. You’ll find makeup artists at every television production, theater stage, and film set.

Makeup artists are also employed as featured writers for beauty magazines.

Is a makeup artist the same as a cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist is someone that could be trained in any of a broad spectrum of beauty needs – hair, nails, makeup, waxes, body wraps, massages, and more.

A makeup artist focuses exclusively on makeup, and with MMA training possesses a much broader and deeper skill set with which to take the art to new levels.

What careers can I enjoy learning just the MMA Core Principles?

The Core Principles are focused on beauty – giving you the skills to be proficient at weddings, proms, and retail.

Every MMA student begins with Core Principles, which are the prerequisite for other program requirements to go further into more advanced artistry.

What can I do with MMA Media Training?

MMA Media Principles prepare the artist for more demanding makeup applications – such as makeup for commercial and advertising work as well as techniques in avant-garde, body painting, drag and more – opening the door to full- or part-time careers in professional productions.

What can I do with MMA Special FX?

MMA Special FX Principles trains the student to dramatically sculpt and cast the face and body, and add and hide mechanisms that mimic catastrophic events, such as bullet entry and exit.

If you’re into creating ghouls and vampires, bullet wounds and gushing blood, this is your ballpark. This is a specialized field, and thus not as deep and broad as other makeup careers, if you’re good at your craft, you will find a place to play while making money.

What is it like to work as a makeup artist?

Most makeup artists travel to their work site. This can be for a day or less within driving distance of their homes, or for months on set half way around the world.

They may be hired by just one person – a “personality” that must always look good in public – or work in teams for a production, such as at a professional theater.

Typically they are confined to designated area, where they can easily keep and access their products. And they are almost always on their feet, with arms extended for lengths of time to the clients face. It can be physically demanding work.

Is a career as a makeup artist personally satisfying?

Yes. The satisfaction comes from using your art to make people look and feel their best. If you are good at your craft, clients will praise your work daily, and that’s a nice way to live.

Can a makeup artist enjoy a financially rewarding career?

With the right training in makeup artistry, major passion and drive, it can be a lucrative career. Industry and location have a great deal to do with your income. Are you working a Hollywood set or the local prom?

But you can make a decent living as a full-time artist as well – competitive with other skilled trades in your area.

Most makeup artists learn their craft for the opportunity for making “extra” money during available time.

What kind of personality works best for being a successful makeup artist?

To succeed as a makeup artist, you should be highly creative, fearless, and very attentive to detail. Communication skills are a must, so that you can express your ideas to your clients. You should be in good health, as having a good level of stamina can at times be critical.

Do I need to be licensed to serve as a makeup artist?

Some jobs will require you to be licensed. Licensing requirements vary from state to state. Most states require you to pass a written exam and have completed a substantial time on the job – typically 1000 hours.

Are you ever “too old” to become a makeup artist?

Never! Many who become artists do so to fulfill a lifelong dream. They love makeup, and have always wanted to make it a career. Several MMA graduates came to the Academy after 20 or 30 years in another career. The only requirement to being a good artist is to have the skills and creativity to succeed.

Where do I find work?

There are dozens of job postings found through Google and other search engines.

Through its industry relationships, MMA helps to connect employers with its students, recent graduates, and alumni to assist them with finding part-time or full-time employment.

MMA will soon also offer its graduates access to project work through participation in the MMA Talent Agency, through which students and graduates can practice their art at a professional level when and how they choose.

The talent agency also serves as another portal for those graduates seeking more permanent industry opportunities.

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