Let's Have Fun!

Multimedia Makeup Academy, here, to make sure we have plenty of different ways to have fun while you’re stuck at home! 

  • Learn about all of the makeup products in the tournament
  • Vote in each match up for the product you think is the best!
  • Submit your information below (SO WE KNOW HOW TO FIND YOU IF YOU WIN)
  • Come back each week to vote again so you can have another entry in the bracket! (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.)
  • See the results on April 16th for the NUMBER 1 Makeup Product (as voted by you) and see who wins the free product!

Let Your Voice be Heard

The Makeup Madness Bracket starts March 19th at 9 AM and is an opportunity for you to let your voice be heard and let your favorite makeup products be recognized!

Win Some Stuff!

Help your favorite makeup product win each round of the bracket challenge, presented below, and you could save yourself a trip to the store, because YOU COULD WIN YOURSELF SOME FREE PRODUCT!

Come back each round to submit another brack AND enter your name for another win!

Want to learn more about the Makeup MaDnEsS Products?

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