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29 May 2019

Making Money as a Makeup Artist

The Multimedia Makeup Academy team was working hard on giving you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision in selecting the best makeup school for your needs.

In building that information, we stumbled on some pretty useful data that we felt would be wasted, should it only be emailed to select group of people (this is a good time to mention you should be a part of our email list!)

Debt Free Living after Multimedia Makeup Academy

Multimedia Makeup Academy is proud to announce the fact that 90% of our students leave the Academy DEBT FREE! That means that when you start your career, you’ll be free to think about your family, your entrepreneurial ventures, or just getting yourself ready for that next big trip.

While many Americans are now trying to figure out if the regular University track is the right path for our younger generations to take, you can take solace in knowing that with hard work, the right payment plans, and MMA behind you, you’ll have a great chance at focusing on doing what you love, instead of paying for it.

Back in January, we analyzed exactly what that idea was (choosing between a more habitual/standardized education and your passion). This may very well be the best way to have your cake and eat it too!

Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that everyone’s situation is different, but know that we have a crack team of admissions specialists that can help you figure out the best path for success. And they’re always ready to help!

The Makeup Industry is Making Money

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great place to learn new things about any industry. In the career path of a Makeup Artist, the BLS helps paint the picture of how our students are able to leave school debt free.

With the mean hourly wage hitting an all-time high of $33.32 per hour (in 2017), the industry appears to be stronger than ever!

The top 10% of all Makeup Artists are bringing in the real dough ($127,030 annually, according to BLS), but we’d ask you to focus on the averages and aspire to be the top 10 percent later in life.

To be completely transparent, one should expect to find themselves closer to the entry-level pay at the start of their career, but that’s where our career services at MMA comes into play.

Working as an MUA While You Learn

No statistics needed here.

With the robust network that our students are happily inserted into, MMA has plenty of jobs posted on a weekly basis for our students to participate in.

While there isn’t a job for everyone on a weekly basis, the Academy is in such a great area (of Metro Detroit) that there are opportunities popping up everywhere. It was just recently that Troy, Michigan welcomed a new Morphe store. A store that two of our graduates were hired to help open!

If it isn’t a job at Morphe that you’re looking for, our team also offers a great experience in creating work for film and tv now that we’ve started collaborating with the Motion Picture Institute (MPI) in Michigan!

More MUA Jobs

The best news out there is that after all of the education, the networking, and experience, the job of being a Makeup Artist is expected to grow even larger through 2020 and 2022!

According to Beauty Schools Directory, the career of an MUA is expected to grow by 20% (from 2012-2022). For the prospective student, this means that as more students graduate and time goes on, the industry will continue to expand and the necessity for new artists will grow with it.

For one to find success, keep their family strong, and find themselves on the beach sipping on a margarita every now and then, you need to know that there’s going to be work for you in the future. Knowing that the industry is only headed for greener pastures giving the aspiring artist the peace of mind they need to make the right decision.

You are the KEY!

Success in this industry is possible, but know that hard work and effort is more important than passion.

What MMA breeds at the Academy is the knowledge to be a successful artist, but we also ensure we create an artist that is aware of the efforts needed to make money.

If you haven’t yet, check out our series of “YOUR BEST WORK” on YouTube and our Blog. Our instructors, students, and alumni can’t overstate how important it is that our prospective graduates put in the work. The opportunity, resources, and helpful hands are there for you. But the individual needs to put in the effort to reach the pinnacle of the industry!


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