Elevating Industry Standards


Multimedia Makeup Academy’s mission is to create a standard in makeup education for consumers, enthusiasts and professionals. Currently there are no universal standards that assist all demographics with subjects such as color theory, placement, tools and sanitation. The ability to standardize makeup education across all markets will elevate current practices  and will protect the value and growth of the cosmetic industry. Our passion for elevating industry standards has lead us to connecting with influencers and professionals who can assist in bringing brand awareness to the movement.

About The Movement

The Elevating Beauty movement provides awareness to the beauty community and assistance in identifying how important instilling standards is. By bringing light to sanitation standards and defining key attributes of both Beauty Gurus and Practicing Artists, we hope to instill better practices within both communities.  By leading and empowering both creative communities to help support the movement’s efforts, we believe it will standardize makeup practices.  Through social media, social networking, and influencers, we can help elevate the makeup industry by setting standards.

Coming Soon: Elevating Beauty Blog

Keep informed of the movement’s progress and accomplishments as Elevating Beauty raises standards in the industry.

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