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*Free for Masters Alumni and Masters of Artistry Students in 2020 only

10 Year Celebratory Gift Box

Our way to say thank you for being part of our 10 year anniversary! 


$500 Scholarship for Qualifying Individuals

  •   Career Change Scholarship – For someone looking to fulfill their lifelong dream.  You’ve been working to build a life, but now you want to live your life!
    • You have been working or have graduated with a college degree
    • You can apply for our Career Change Scholarship
  •   Industry Experience Scholarship – For someone looking to expand their professional beauty skill set-  Stylist, Esthetician…
    • With proof of working experience in the industry or prior education
    • You can apply for the Industry Experience Scholarship

Merit Programs

This program is to reward Social Media Influencers and Micro-Influencers for their following and provide a discount to the premiere Makeup Education Solution

We are looking for a large following that will be reviewed by a panel of internal judges. The judgement are for both quality and quantity in followers, posts, and content.

As the next social media influencer in our industry, you can select the button below to begin the process for review.

This will be rewarded on July 15th. Submissions will be accepted until June 30th.


Option One (Individual Borrower):

  • Loan Amount: Up to $10,000

  • Rate: 7.00%

  • Term: 4 Year

Option Two (w/

  • Loan Amount: Up to $20,000

  • Rate: 7.00%

  • Term: 4 Year


Who should you be keeping an eye on in the makeup world? Start with these four Celebrity Makeup Artists and keep an eye on them throughout the year with our help!

MMA Is Sponsoring a New Podcast!

Makeup Your Life is hosted by Matthew Klink and Kelsey Reynolds. The two hope to provide insight into the career choice of makeup and Special FX, how one makes that decision, and different ways to be apart of that industry.

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