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Makeup Essentials 1
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MMA Online Makeup Academy brings the breadth and depth of essential coursework learned at the MMA Michigan campus into the homes and hands of aspiring artists located anywhere in the world.

MMA Online is currently structured into two highly integrated Makeup Essentials Courses, the foundation on which to build amazing artistry in beauty makeup. 

A state-of-the-art delivery platform makes these courses highly interactive with the instructor artists and thus richly rewarding.

Coming soon, MMA Online’s Advanced Artistry will provide an even deeper dive into makeup techniques that can take you to the top of the craft.


MMA Makeup Essentials Online Course

MUE1 – Makeup Essentials 1

Makeup Essentials 1 takes you through the fundamental techniques you need to know to become a makeup professional. 

Type : Online
Prerequisite: N/A
Forum: Interactive Guided Study
Electives: N/A
Focus: The essential skills needed to properly apply makeup. The basics for every makeup artists journey.


Product & tools
Kit focus
Color theory
Skin prep & set
General facial anatomy
Foundation matching
Color correction
Eye components
Brow application
Lash application
Beauty application

Students will receive a brush set that is designed specifically for our course content.  All other materials/makeup will need to be purchased in order to complete your final requirements for certification.

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MMA Makeup Essentials Online Course

MUE2 – Makeup Essentials 2

Makeup Essentials 2 expands further on critical techniques, and prepares you for a career in makeup beauty.

Type : Online
Prerequisite: MUE1
Forum: Interactive Guided Study
Electives: N/A
Focus: Building on the MUE1 basics,MUE2 continues with techniques used in all facets of makeup.


Sanitation (Part 2). 
Product & tools (Part 2)
Facial zones
Skin types
Brow correction
Shadow placement for eye components
Lash application for eye components
Color harmony for a full application

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MMA Online advanced artisrty makeup course

AA – Advanced Artistry

Advance Artistry is MMA Online’s deep dive into makeup techniques.  Inspirational as much an informational, you emerge ready to perform as your own unique artist.

Type : Online
Prerequisite: MUE1 & MUE2
Forum: Interactive Guided Study
Electives: N/A
Focus: Inspiration is the focus of this course. Learn how to find inspiration and transform it into makeup application.


Texture & finishes
Advanced product knowledge & specialty tools
Smokey eye techniques
Advanced eyeliner techniques
Trending makeup
Mature & age appropriate applications
Foundation building
Shading techniques and tools
Product knowledge
Contour/highlite with powders and creams
Nose contour
Multiple contouring techniques: and rogynous; reverse;
Two tier; trending; corrective and transformative