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Online Makeup Courses – Makeup Essentials 1 & 2

Become a Professional Makeup Artist Online!

Share videos demonstrating your knowledge from our online makeup courses and our campus Instructor Artists will provide personalized in-video review notes and feedback! A one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience!

Premier Professional Online Makeup Courses

Multimedia Makeup Academy’s interactive online makeup courses bring one of the nation’s premier makeup training schools to aspiring makeup artists.

Makeup Essentials 1 and Makeup Essentials 2 teaches you what you need to know to become a true makeup professional – anywhere, on your schedule, at your pace!

Learn all the fundamentals of beauty makeup:

  • Makeup products and tools
  • Makeup sanitation and client safety
  • Makeup for brow and lashes
  • How to build a makeup kit
  • Color theory, color harmony, color correction, and much more.

MMA’s Online Makeup Training is Highly Interactive!

Only MMA offers a highly interactive approach to online makeup training, giving you access to feedback from online faculty that you won’t receive anywhere else. It’s like being at a premier makeup school, but learning from the comfort of your home.

You’ll share videos of your makeup artistry with MMA faculty, and receive their feedback right on the videos. You’ll work though regular course assessments to make you sure you understand the material. And your final assessment with faculty will guide and encourage you to become the very best makeup artist you can be!

MMA has trained thousands of makeup artists, and is now taking its highly successful training in makeup artistry worldwide. Start your journey today to become a true makeup professional.


Professional online makeup course - premier training

MUE1 - Starting at $500*

What you need to know to become a true beauty makeup professional!
Professional Brush Set Included – a $65 value!

*$500 for 6-month course access; $700 for 12-month course access

What you will learn:

  • Sanitation Part I – preventing cross contamination and ensuring client safety
  • Product & Tools Part I – learn the essentials of what, how, when, and why
  • Kit Focus – what a professional makeup kit should contain and how to use it
  • Color Theory – how to use color to enhance features and correct imperfections
  • Skin Prep & Set – all the steps to ensure ideal makeup performance
  • General Facial Anatomy – identifying face shapes for contour and highlighting
  • Foundation Matching – adjusting with color to perfectly match a client’s undertone
  • Color Correction – applying color theory to conceal discolorationson the face
  • Eye Components – understanding eye orientation, set, size and characteristics
  • Brow Application – anatomy of the brow and design techniques that enhance
  • Lash Application –how to fit and apply single and band lashes
  • Beauty Application – all the steps, start to finish, for a premier professional result




MUE2 - Starting at $500*

Learn the skills you need to create your own brand of beauty makeup!
Professional Brush Set Included with the MUE1 & MUE2 Bundle – a $65 value!

*$500 for 6-month course access; $700 for 12-month course access

 What you will learn

Makeup Essential 2 teaches you advanced makeup techniques to develop your own brand of makeup artistry. Completion of MUE1 is required to enroll in MUE2. Included in MUE2:

  • Sanitation Part II – an in depth knowledge of specialty products
  • Product & Tools Part II – specialty tools and products that elevate your makeup
  • Kit Focus – what a professional makeup kit should contain and how to use it
  • Facial Zones – areas that can be manipulated to correct or enhance features
  • Skin Types – identifying skin characteristics to make proper product selection
  • Brow Correction – techniques to balance facial features like face shapes and eyes
  • Shadow Placement for Eyes – customized placement to enhance the eye
  • Color Harmony for a Full Application – selecting color to enhance all features


Bundle MUE1 + MUE2 and SAVE!

For a limited time, Purchase MUE1 and MUE2 together, starting at $800* (a $200 Savings!)

*$800 for 6-month course access; $1000 for 12-month course access


More reasons to enroll today!

  • MMA offers unlimited access to the coursework during your 6-month or 12-month subscription period – meaning you can start, stop, and repeat as often as your lifestyle permits. Practice makes perfect!
  • MUE1 & 2 Bundle is a limited time offer. Enroll today!
  • Upon graduation, you’ll receive two Certificates of Completion from MMA – one for Makeup Essentials, the other for Sanitation Essentials. Certificates you’ll be proud to display from one of the leading makeup Academy’s in the country!

Next Steps

  1. Click the “GET STARTED TODAY!” button and complete the checkout process
  2. Your professional brush set will be shipped in within 48 hours
  3. Complete and pass the course and receive your Certificates of Completion

Enroll now and begin your premier MMA training in beauty makeup today!  Fulfill your dream of a rewarding career as a professional makeup artist!


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What Our Students Are Saying

“I loved the detailed videos, showing step-by-step why the product is placed a certain way.” – Roqueb Pae
"My favorite parts about the online course are the little assessments throughout. They give you a good grasp on whether you learned and retained the objectives from each section. If I struggled with one, I would go back through that section again. I also loved the pictures throughout which would demonstrate what I was learning. It made the learning much easier for me. - Bri Zielke
“The online course showed me what I’m going to have to know in order to have a successful career.” – Olivia Hawk

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to learn professional makeup skills online?

Not at all! MMA Online provides everything you need to become a professional makeup artist. Your MMA experience begins with a free makeup brush set. Then our highly interactive online coursework takes you through everything you need to know to become your own artist. And only MMA allows you to interact directly with our instructor artists using a state of the art software platform. It’s like being in the classroom while enjoying the comforts of home. If you’re a busy student or are working full-time while you study, our courses provide the flexibility to learn in a way that fits your lifestyle.

How much do the online makeup courses cost?

We have priced our instruction to be highly competitive with other online courses. Makeup Essentials 1 starts at $500, which provides you access to the course for up to six months, or $700 for access to up to 12 months. That means you can take the course or parts of the course as often as you need to – practice makes perfect!

We also offer a limited-time instructional package that bundles Makeup Essentials Course 1 with Makeup Essentials Course 2 – for a price of $800 for six months access, or $1000 for 12 months access.

How long will it take to complete the online makeup courses?

The time it takes to complete our online training is based on your individual schedule. When you purchase our course, you have unlimited access during the six or 12 month subscription that you select. However, we estimate that it could take as little as two weeks to complete the course and submit the required materials for certification.

Are there additional costs to take the online makeup courses?

Students receive a professional brush set that is specifically created for our online courses. You may need to purchase additional materials and makeup to complete your final requirements for certification. You can find our preferred makeup and beauty products in our online store .

What professional makeup products should I purchase?

With our online courses, you can use whatever makeup you prefer. We also offer a variety of competitively priced makeup products in our online store .

I am new to makeup artistry. Is this makeup course right for me?

An enthusiastic yes! Our Makeup Essentials Course 1 teaches you all the fundamentals of makeup artistry – from the types of products and tools to use, to the importance of sanitation, color theory, and facial anatomy. Our highly interactive training make it fun and easy to learn. Our Makeup Essentials Course 2 broadens and deepens your skill set, so you can become your own true makeup artist.

I already understand beauty makeup basics. Can this online makeup class help me?

Absolutely. No matter what your level of experience, this coursework provides the latest insights and techniques to become a true professional – a premier makeup artist.

And while applying makeup on yourself is something that has come naturally to you over the years, applying makeup on someone else with different skin tones and facial anatomy is an entirely new experience.

I just want to get better at applying my own makeup. Can this help me?

Yes! This coursework is your window to a whole new world of understanding and level of creativity for you to enjoy. When people see what you can do with your own makeup, don’t be surprised if they start asking for advice and assistance.

What kind of certification do I receive from the Makeup Academy?

Upon a successful review of your video submission, we will send you two certificates: one for completing the Makeup Essentials course and one for Sanitation Essentials.

How old do I need to be to take the MMA online makeup courses?

We do not have an age requirement for our online students; however, you will need a credit card to pay for the courses.

What if I take the MMA online makeup courses, and then I want to take classes at your Makeup Academy in Michigan?

We welcome our online students to transition to our on-campus program.

Does Multimedia Makeup Academy help me start my makeup career?

Our commitment to student success beyond the classroom distinguishes the Academy from other makeup schools. Our team is happy to discuss with you our career services.