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Weekend Makeup Class

2019 Weekend Workshop Schedule

Learn relevant and varying makeup processes, applications, and styles in ONE or TWO day courses.
Led and instructed at the high level standards of Multimedia Makeup Academy.

These workshops are perfect for anyone looking to add to their repertoire, refresh previously learned skills, or meet and work with like-minded individuals. 
Classes range from $150-$495. 

If you are getting into cosplay or need a boost in your cosplay makeup skills, we have six workshops to enhance your cosplay characters!

ONE DAY Trauma Effects class that will focus on utilizing industry practices to create your own stunning bruises, lacerations, incisions, stitches and more!

TWO DAY Face + Body Art class that will focus on color, composition, and perspective as they relate to the human body.

ONE DAY Bridal makeup class that will focus on trending Bridal looks, product recommendations, how to obtain longevity, and more. 

Learn the fundamentals of airbrush makeup and then take it to the next level in this two day workshop.

ONE DAY conceptual makeup class that will focus on utilizing the unconventional product, texture, and placement to create a concept/story via makeup