Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX

Your ULTIMATE beauty school experience, designed to provide education for your future, beyond state boards!

Your Ultimate Beauty School Experience
Excellence • Innovation • Creativity • Connection


The beauty academy offers two different cosmetology programs. Both programs include: Hair Extensions, Gel Manicures, Brow Lamination + Design, Lash Extensions, Business Startup, Photo/ Video Creation + Editing, and all the core components of a cosmetology program!


The beauty academy offers three different esthetics programs and an esthetic instructor  program. All three programs include: Lash Extensions, Brow Lamination and Design, Airbrush Tanning, Business Startup, Photo/ Video Creation + Editing, and all the core components of an esthetics program!

Special FX

Special FX makeup training is offered in both our esthetics and cosmetology program. The course includes: Trauma Makeup, Old Age Makeup, Creature Design, Sculpting, Life Casting, Mold Making, Script Breakdowns, Set Etiquette and all of the core components of a special fx program! 



Social Commerce is the essence of every successful skin care professional, hair stylist, beauty artist, or special fx creator. At the academy, we know that it is essential to have talent and creativity supported by the art of marketing, advertising, and sales. As a student, you will learn how to create a unique brand identity that attracts the type of clients and business you are looking for.  You will graduate with the confidence to grow your clientele and achieve your business goals.  The academy will support you both during your program and upon graduation to ensure your ultimate success as a stylist, esthetician, or makeup artist!

  • Website Design
  • Brand Development
  • Content Creation
  • Photo + Video Creation and Editing
  • Business Startup
  • Social Commerce

“ We promise to help you find your purpose and your success! ”

What Students + Clients say

Nicole capalbo
Nicole capalbo
Best decision I ever made ! Amazing environment. It’s like an artist colony! No mean girl culture here. MMA ticks all the boxes! Excellent instruction, well prepared for state boards and teaches you more than tasks! You will learn how to be a true professional! They gave me a great start and a forever family. Youre out of uour mind if you dint choose MMA !!
delaney melrose
delaney melrose
i had such an amazing experience at MMA! i went to MMA specifically because of my interest in their special effects program! my sfx instructor nicole is so fun and has prepared me for working on film sets! MMA. is an extremely positive and encouraging environment!
Chey Hanson
Chey Hanson
Honestly made so many connections and made so many lifelong friends. Esthetics with Demi really made me more interested in skin care especially knowing it help's with better makeup skills. Nicole really pushes you to trust yourself and your vision and to love any outcome that you have. I will definitely always look back on my time at MMA as a great stepping stone to my career.
The academy was so amazing!! I feel like I am so ready for state boards! I made great friends here and the instructors are amazing and become your friends too! Go here!
Jasmin Inez Artistry
Jasmin Inez Artistry
I am super grateful to the MMA team for preparing me for the beauty industry, so glad I chose this school.
madison werner
madison werner
I was looking for a makeup school that offered special fx makeup and MMA was the only one in Michigan. My favorite part of the entire program was my fx course where I learned to sculpt and mold appliances and function as a true fx artist in the industry, not just out of kit fx. I also really loved creating avant garde and fashion looks in the beauty course. I felt like I got personalized attention from my instructors and even in a large class, I felt like I got the attention I needed to learn and was able to go back and get help with budgets and and stuff as I got job opportunities. The people I've met here have become some of my best friends and I wouldn't have met them if it weren't for MMA.
Honor Grace White
Honor Grace White
I went to this school and very much enjoyed it. There are many different opportunities. I went through the full program and was able to learn a lot of different skills so I can be better prepared. Definitely recommend.
lidia kosenko
lidia kosenko
I absolutely loved going here, from the education I received to the people I met, enrolling in this school was all around one of the best decisions I could’ve made for myself. I’ve made lifelong friendships and received many on-site opportunities while still in school. If you’re looking for a school for basic esthetics or makeup or even cosmetology I would absolutely recommend looking into MMA.
Elle A
Elle A
I definitely recommend going here! The instructors are very informative and qualified and you thoroughly learn a lot. The esthetics program is also helpful for furthering knowledge as a makeup artist and for career opportunities in the beauty industry.

Experience Excellence:

Educational Advocacy

Education and preparation for your FUTURE…..BEYOND STATE BOARD REQUIREMENTS! You will learn:

  1. Lash Extensions
  2. Airbrush Tanning
  3. Hair Extensions
  4. Business Startup
  5. Portfolio Creation + Editing

Experience Innovation:

Training Pillars

Training that is designed to engage you while making learning fun and mirror real life experiences. You will experience:

  1. Peer to Peer Learning
  2. Project Based Assessments
  3. Technology Integration
  4. Entrepreneurial Design

Experience Creativity:

Artistic Freedom

Freedom to explore your innate abilities and learned skills by taking part in events, projects and film opportunities. You will encounter:

  1. Comic-Con
  2. Motorcity Nightmares
  3. Wigs for Kids
  4. Royal Starr Film Mixers
  5. Motion Picture Institute Collaborations

Experience Connection:

Lifelong Support

Support and mentorship are an important part of your overall success as both a student and a graduate. You will feel:

  1. Connected
  2. Independent
  3. Empowered
  4. Prepared
  5. Accomplished
  • doing what you love
  • live your best life
  • doing what you love
  • live your best life
  • doing what you love
  • live your best life

A beauty school designed for you!

Our Mission

Through superior beauty school education and a lifelong support system. The Academy prepares students to become future leaders by teaching them how to design a career that is impactful, rewarding and prosperous. 

Our Vision

The Academy’s vision is to disrupt beauty school standards by challenging the industry to offer a more robust education that prepares students for heightened careers in the beauty, commercial and film trades.

Our Promise

Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX is here to teach you, guide you, and lift you to your truest potential so you can become the most sought after professional makeup artist, esthetician or cosmetologist.

"Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX graduates are some of the first candidates we consider because their level of artistry and impeccable sanitation cannot be matched".

– Chris, Sephora Assist. Store Mgr.

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Our cosmetology + esthetics programs

Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX will provide you with the ultimate beauty school experience, but it will also give you a jump start on your career.

When you graduate from The Academy you will have gained an education, mentors, lifelong friends, career insight and lifetime support! Ready to make an impact while doing something you love? Schedule an in person or virtual tour now!

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