Beauty School FAQ

Beauty School FAQ

No experience is needed to become a student!  Applicants must be at least 16 years old with proof of a ninth grade education or higher, a high school diploma, GED, or college diploma. In addition, you must have a valid state ID and social security number.  Submit your $100 application fee (upon checkout you will receive a link to the application), as well as, complete an admissions interview with your advisor in order to be considered.

We have part-time and full-time schedules that range from 13 weeks – 59 weeks depending upon the program.

  • Part-time is 4 evenings a week (Monday- Thursday), 5pm-9:30pm, 18hrs a week
  • Full-time is 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) 9a-3:30p, 30hrs a week

Please contact us at 248.792.6568 via phone or text for complete cost including tuition, kit + uniform fee, registration and licensure fees.

Upon completing the application, you will be notified via email within 24-48 hours!

We do not accept traditional government funding called Financial Aid. However, we do have a few options to make funding your education possible. Visit our Financial Assistance page for details.

3 Options:

  1. A loan through one of our partners
  2. Payment Plans throughTthe Academy
  3. Pay in Full Discount Savings

Visit our Financial Assistance page for details.

Yes!  The academy has a list of apartment complexes that work with our students within minutes of the academy.

Once you have graduated from The Academy and obtained your license, you have lifetime access to job placement opportunities through our Career Concierge. In fact, you will also have scheduled time through the Career Concierge to meet virtually with your mentor to discuss your future. Together, you will create a blueprint for your career goals. As an alumni, you will have continuous access to community events, our private MMA Facebook Group and the academy pro store discount. Remember, you are always welcome to come back just to say hello and to share with us where you are in your journey of success!

We understand that there are times in life that we are not able to control our circumstances. The Academy does have a policy that allows you to take a temporary leave of absence from your classes and return when you are able.

The Academy has a special program for students and alumni called Career Concierge. The Career Concierge will help to align you with job opportunities that are a good fit for your skill set and even begin the interview process with a future employer. In addition, you will have access to our graduate SMS system where new job opportunities will be sent when available.

You will find a community of like-minded individuals waiting to connect with someone just like you! Our class sizes are intimate so that you are able to connect with other students and begin to form professional relationships. You will gain experience in class, during your model days and with a variety of volunteer opportunities so that you are able to apply makeup on all skin colors and textures. Each classroom is equipped with high tech projectors so that you can see demonstrations clearly and accurately. There you will also find all your materials and supplies to assist with various projects. You will be able to collaborate with students and colleagues about projects and job opportunities. The Media Space is a studio equipped with the latest backdrops, lighting and technology to help capture, record and edit your work. The Break Room is a place where you can relax during breaks and lunchtime. It has all the amenities you need to dine in. In addition, there are events are intended to bring the community together and help students get comfortable networking. Some of our student and alumni’s favorite events are Friendsgiving, Movie Date Nights and Specialty Themed Days. These are just a few of the fun activities MMA has to offer!

Not Quite! The Academy provides the training for the skills necessary to become a cosmetologist, esthetician, or a makeup artist. In order to receive your license through the state, you must register for and pass both the theory exam and practical exam for state boards. The great new is that MMA helps you with that process!

A beauty school designed for you!

Solopreneur Training

Learn how to uniquely brand yourself and build your own start-up as a freelance makeup artist, stylist, brand consultant or beauty expert as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

Career Concierge

If you are not ready to be a Solopreneur yet and want to gain more experience in the industry we have personalized career counseling to help propel you into the career of your dreams. The Career Concierge provides a variety of career services that will help you connect with business professionals in beauty, film or special fx.

Exclusive Mntorship

We want you to be comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance from an industry professional. Upon enrollment each student will be assigned a professional mentor that aligns with their esthetics or cosmetology program.

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