Deciding where to go for your Esthetics or Cosmetology education? Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX is a private beauty school that offers your choice of licensure program paired with your choice of makeup program. When choosing a beauty school like MMA, one of the many factors to consider is whether or not a private beauty school is worth the investment. The answer is yes, a private beauty school like Multimedia Makeup Academy is worth the investment! Private beauty schools offer advantages and benefits that specifically cater to students’ success. Specifically In their cosmetology, esthetics, and makeup education and provide a learning environment in which students will thrive.


Individualized Attention for Every Student


In private beauty schools like Multimedia Makeup Academy, each and every student, no matter their program, receives specialized and individualized attention to help them succeed in their courses. At the Academy, each student who enrolls will be assigned a mentor that aligns with their specific program. Mentors are available to each student throughout the course of their beauty education. To ensure that assistance and guidance are always available, no matter the student’s specialization.

The programs offered at private beauty schools let students choose the program that best suits their needs and interests. Multimedia Makeup Academy offers a wide range of programs for students to choose from. MMA is the only beauty school to offer Esthetics and Cosmetology paired with a robust makeup curriculum. This pairing of programs allows aspiring artists and stylists to not only choose the program of their passion but to become educated and skilled in a secondary area. Providing these paired programs assures that each student will receive the attention required for their individual passions in the beauty industry.


Dedicated Expert Instructors

Private beauty schools have high standards for their instructors to make certain students are receiving the best esthetics, cosmetology, and makeup education possible. Instructors at MMA are required to currently be active in the beauty industry and to continuously learn about the latest trends and techniques; this confirms that the instructors are providing students with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Since private beauty schools tend to have more modest student and instructor populations, education and training for each instructor is thorough and well thought out. Therefore, the Academy can spend more individualized time with each instructor, guaranteeing their ability to accurately and comprehensively teach their students in each program.


Ability to Set the Culture


Private beauty schools have a big step up over public beauty schools when it comes to student population. They tend to have a smaller student population than their counterparts, but a small class is not a bad thing to be a part of. Fewer students allow for a closer-knit community among students, which allows a friendship-based culture to form throughout the student body. Meeting people in your classes at a private beauty school allows students to bond over their passion. Creating a culture where students share and understand each others’ goals. A culture in which students can freely learn, dream, and laugh together.

Further, a modest student population also creates a culture in which students can receive assistance, support, and guidance from mentors and instructors on a regular basis. With fewer students to compete with for attention and help from instructors, students can be more comfortable asking for help. A private beauty school creates a culture that places students first and prioritizes their success through interpersonal communication between students and instructors.


Stronger Educational Foundation


A strong educational foundation is crucial for aspiring makeup artists and stylists. Multiple areas of study and multiple certifications create students who are more marketable within the beauty industry. At Multimedia Makeup Academy, students choose between Esthetics + Makeup or Cosmetology + Makeup, with the Academy offering a wide array of makeup courses for students to choose from. For example, students can choose to specialize in one of our four makeup programs ranging from Special FX to Bridal/Media makeup as they simultaneously complete their esthetic or cosmetology courses.

MMA also offers several business courses to help students learn how to market the skills learned at the Academy. Students will graduate with a solid foundation in business and self-marketing. Each area of study provided by the Academy helps to boost not only the talent and skills of students but also their marketability in their future endeavors. This may be through becoming an entrepreneur or working at a high end salon.


Higher Standard of Conduct


A high standard of conduct is crucial to the success of aspiring artists and stylists. The ability to maintain high standards when practicing esthetics, cosmetology, or makeup improves the ethos and image of the artist or stylist. This ensures that clients receive the best care and results. A private beauty school like Multimedia Makeup Academy holds the utmost care and emphasis on a high standard of conduct through the expectations and requirements of students and instructors. Hygiene is a significant and necessary step when practicing esthetics, cosmetology, and makeup. MMA keeps a high standard of conduct by requiring students and instructors to get certified through Sanitation Conversation, MMA’s sister company that teaches both the importance of hygiene and the correct way to conduct sanitation practices and standards.

According to Forbes, passion is a critical necessity to becoming successful in one’s career; it’s the key to learning and developing skills and talents. For those reasons, passion helps to create a higher standard of conduct in a private beauty school like MMA because students are driven and motivated to pursue their dream career in either esthetics or cosmetology. The dedication and enthusiasm that everyone shares at MMA creates an environment with high standards and expectations that students strive to meet to ensure success in their chosen programs. This passionate and inspired environment is formed by the camaraderie among the students and instructors which is only possible by the culture shaped in the private beauty school that is Multimedia Makeup Academy.



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