4 Tips on How to Create a Beauty Instagram Account That Will Thrive

Showcase ALL Your Beauty Skills: Create Your Brand 

A beauty instagram account is for those who embark on showcasing their talent of makeup, hair, nails, skin care and/or anything beauty related! The more knowledge you have the better you will be able to obtain your dream job. However, having a specialty is important too. For example, aspiring makeup artists should focus their content on makeup artistry. That way when those who hear your name will think of makeup! Multimedia Makeup Academy helps those who want to specialize in makeup artistry become proficient in anything makeup! 

You must start branding yourself with what you are best at. Once you become a well-known name what’s the first thing you want clients to call you for? Maybe it’s hair styling or makeup! Showcase your specialties while making it a point to include in your bio you are the whole package and have education in all things beauty. If you need to add some education to your background, take classes or courses relevant to your specialty and add it to your bio for clients to see.

Be Active & Consistent 

Respond to everyone on your beauty instagram account. This is a great opportunity to gain a following. Encourage your followers to look forward to your next big reveal. Be sure to post a couple times a week, choose similar days and times when you post so viewers will know when to look for you. Be sure to research the best time slots to post as it differs for certain audiences depending upon your demographic of viewers. 

This consistency will drive more likes and interest, be sure to promote sharing as well, and always tag your models. Any mentions are good mentions. You want to be sure to get your name and work around social media to get more traffic to your page that will convert to likes and follows. 

Get Mentions from Those in The Industry

Depending on where you received your beauty industry training, some makeup schools provide connections that will kick start your career and drive opportunities to your door. Getting involved with a makeup school with great connections is huge. One that shares those connections and helps promote your skills to them is even bigger. Multimedia Makeup Academy makes it a point to do this with the students seeking opportunities. 

This allows you to get more mentions/interactions with some of the bigger names in the industry. Resulting in sharing/mentioning your name on social channels like InstagramBe sure to follow all of the artists you look up too, or those with a huge following. Watch their tactics and learn from their success.

Be Interactive with Your Audience

Have fun! Don’t be shy to interact with your followers. It will make them feel like no matter how busy you are, you still make time to answer all their questions. This will build the reputation you want. Good communication with potential clients/followers will only benefit you and your success. Overcome any shyness and get ready to interact. 

Multimedia Makeup Academy teaches all of this to you, as it is included in your education here. Make sure wherever you choose to take your beauty education they have everything you need, Multimedia Makeup Academy goes above and beyond for its students to assist in their success.

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