7 Best Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit

best makeup brushes

Makeup is an empowering art form that can help people unleash their most confident selves. New trends continue to inspire all makeup enthusiasts, from hobbyists to aspiring professionals. No matter what makeup style you like, whether clean girl or full glam, one thing is essential for flawless makeup, and that’s mastering application.

Most people start with beauty blenders. If you’re looking to graduate to makeup brushes, quality is the most important factor. You don’t need a whole orchestra of blushes to perfect your makeup looks; all you really need is seven.

This article covers the best makeup brushes for every step. Read on to discover more.

1. Foundation Brush: Laura Mercier Flawless Foundation Brush

Foundation tends to be on the heavier side, so it’s essential to ensure your application is even. Foundation brushes come in different types: flat, stippling, and buffing brushes.

A flat brush is perfect for applying liquid products. Giving an airbrushed finish, the dual-fiber bristles of a stippling brush are good to have in your kit. It is ideal to use a buffing brush if you want to blend the product well into your skin.

The top pick for this tool is the Laura Mercier Flawless foundation brush. It picks up and holds the product well, applying the right amount to your skin. Further, its slanted brush offers precise application in hard-to-reach areas.

An additional tip for perfecting your foundation is to do your skincare first! It hydrates and exfoliates your skin, ensuring better adherence.

2. Concealer Brush: Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is smaller than a foundation brush, allowing you to target small areas of imperfection on the skin. These brushes often have a flat and tapered head to reach inaccessible areas. This allows you to get into tight corners, such as the under eyes and the sides of the nose.

Concealer has a thicker formula to provide coverage for dark spots and pimples. Concealer brushes ensure a controlled application and seamless blending.

One of the best makeup brushes for concealer is the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch. This brush has a pointed tip, angled edge, and synthetic bristles.

3. Powder Brush: Real Techniques Makeup Setting Facial Powder

Do you prefer a matte or dewy finish? Powder and cream products offer different finishes and coverage. Choosing a powdered product gives you a matte look, while you get a dewy finish with a cream product.

For a matte finish, you need a powder brush. You can use this to apply a setting powder, bronzer, or blush. Powder brushes have soft, fluffy bristles to evenly distribute the product.

Professional MUAs claim that fluffier, softer, and more flexible bristles blend the products better. For more expert insights, consider attending beauty events in Michigan.

If you want the best powder brush, visit the nearest Sephora or Ulta stores. Look for the Real Techniques Makeup Setting Facial Powder makeup brush. This is a small brush that allows precise application, making it perfect for beginners.

4. Blush Brush: Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Blush can add color and dimension, and tie your whole look together. It can make you look sunkissed and radiant, but too much can look a little crazy. A good blush brush is dense and firm, allowing for a controlled application.

The Bobbi Brown Blush Brush showcases bristles with a rounded head cut at an angle. It hits the apple of your cheek and gives a natural-looking cheekbone. This is one of the top blending brushes that makes your application look airbrushed. 

5. Contour Brush: The Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush

Contour uses darker shades to create shadows. If you have healthy, round cheeks, you can contour it to tone it down. Ready your Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculp brush to enhance your features.

We recommend this contour brush because of its tapered shape. It allows you to shade the hollow of your cheeks. You can use it as an alternative for a highlighter and blush brush.

Contour is an advanced step. No two faces are the same, and one person’s contour routine may not work for another. Enrolling in a beauty school can teach you the best way to contour unique features.

6. Eyeshadow Brush: Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set

Like blush, eyeshadow adds color and dimension to your eyelids. It can enhance your eye shape. Depending on your preference, wearing eyeshadow can create different looks.

For instance, pastel pink, champagne, or mocha colors give a natural look. It often creates a youthful or classy look. On the other end, a black or midnight blue eyeshadow gives a dramatic or sultry vibe.

To achieve your desired effect, you need an eyeshadow makeup brush set.

A flat shader packs colors onto your lids. As its name suggests, you can use a blending brush to mix colors and create smooth transitions. To add depth and dimension to the crease, use a crease brush to blend the eyeshadow in the area.

To get into cosmetology, the academy recommends having a makeup brush set. You can get the Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set. Thus, allowing you to play with colors, blends, and transitions.

7. Lip Brush: Patrick Ta Lip Brush

From lipstick to gloss to balm, a lip product enhances and defines your lips. It adds color, texture, and moisture, completing your look.

Although it appears unnecessary, a lip brush can elevate the finished look. It allows you to outline and fill your lips with ease. With its small and firm head, you can create a precise look for your lips.

For a lip brush, one of the recommended tools is the Patrick TA Lip Brush. It offers a tapered head that you need to enhance your lips. Further, its pointed tip allows you to blend the lip liner and lip product.

The Best Makeup Brushes to Have in Your Kit

For a flawless makeup application, makeup brushes are essential. The best makeup brushes offer precise application, seamless blending, and enhanced longevity with every stroke. Interested in pursuing makeup as a professional?

Having professional makeup brushes is only the start of your beauty career. At Multimedia Makeup Academy, we offer the quality education that aspiring beauty experts need. Contact us here if you have questions about our program!

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