4 Vintage Inspired Makeup Looks for Brides

Preparing a bride for her wedding day is a big job, and a makeup artist holds a great amount of responsibility. It’s important to please all customers and have a wide variety of looks in your repertoire, vintage inspired makeup looks for brides have become popular as of late, so it is important to be familiar with these looks, as brides may be requesting them.

Additionally, vintage makeup tends to have a timeless look and hinges on the perfection of the basics—an integral skill for applying beauty makeup.

And if you feel prepared for the Spring and Summer, we’ve covered hot Vintage Bridal Looks as well as Winter and Fall Bridal looks too!

Black and White Film Doll 1920’s/1930’s

For a dark yet soft look, brides can opt for an early 20th-century look. Create sultry doe eyes by layering various shades of gray on the bride’s lids. These can be framed with rounded brows.

To complete the look, pair it with a soft peach or pink blush and a deep red lip. There is a lot of room to play here so be careful to keep it tasteful.

Pin Up Perfect 1940’s

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Brides desiring a bold look on their wedding day will love a 40’s style makeover. Start with a full coverage foundation and contour. Warm up the complexion with a sculpted blush. Next, apply a pale shadow on the lids and deepen the crease with a neutral shade. Don’t forget a bold wing.

Finish the makeup with arched brows and a lip color of your choice, red was most iconic in the ’40s

Princess Bride 1950’s

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Grace Kelly’s wedding look from 1956 is nothing more than iconic, and rightfully so. She was a true embodiment of the princess bride fantasy. To recreate the look, use neutrals, and a soft hand to give your bride the most polished no-makeup makeup look of her life.

To give the eyes subtle pizzazz, apply individual lashes. Spend time perfecting the brows with an angled yet natural arch. You can also add some pearl jewelry to highlight your iconic womanliness. Lastly, apply a red lip to complete the look.

Cut Crease Queen 1960’s

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For a trendy and mod look, you can play up the eyes with a cut crease, lashes, and bold liner. Common colors for this look tend to be white, blue, and black. Be cautious though, this makeup can become costume-like very easily and it’s not for every bride.

For a more wearable-version, keep the colors more white to neutral and omit graphic lines on the lid. Finish off the eyes with black liner. Balance the rest of the makeup with a neutral lip to keep the attention on the eyes.

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