5 Beauty Careers That Are in High Demand

Interested in a career in the beauty industry but don’t know where to find one? Or maybe you want to explore your options before applying to The Academy? It turns out that there are a lot of places that need estheticians, cosmetologists, and makeup artists! There are beauty careers out there for every stylist or artist. We’re going to take a look into what those places are and how you can be a perfect fit. Read on to find where your future beauty career will be!

Salons and Spas

Almost everyone has been to a salon or spa in their life. Salons and spas offer just about every beauty treatment out there, so it’s no surprise studios are always hiring estheticians, cosmetologists, and makeup artists. Salons are small studios that offer beauty treatments and sometimes makeup. A spa is typically bigger than a salon and offers more services than a typical salon, though they’re pretty much the same.

Many salons and spas allow stylists and artists to rent out a space within them so you can maintain authority and control over your practice. Others will also hire you directly as an employee for their business. Either way, though, you’ll be offering your beauty services to clients. Salons and spas typically offer cosmetology services such as hair styling, cuts, and coloring. It’s the absolute perfect place for someone with a passion for hair. Lots of salons will also offer bridal services, too, with packages including makeup. If you have a specific interest in bridal hair and makeup, then you’ll find a place in a salon.

Many salons also offer esthetics treatments! There are a lot of salons that cater specifically to esthetics if that’s where your passion lies. In these salons, you can expect typical beauty treatments to consist of things like brow waxing and filling, eyelash extensions, and all kinds of facials. There are salons and spas on nearly every corner, so as a licensed professional, you’re in demand for beauty careers in a salon or spa!

Movie Sets

Lights, Camera, Action! … Oh wait, before that, we need to make sure the actors are made up and styled flawlessly! Actors and actresses certainly take the center of attention in their roles, but they wouldn’t be able to shine as bright without the work and talent of licensed professionals in the beauty industry. If you’re looking for a beauty career in which you get to style hair and makeup for the camera, then a movie set is the perfect place for you.

Cosmetologists and makeup artists play a role just as big as the lead actors, if not bigger! There are always new movies being filmed, whether independent projects for rising directors or a blockbuster for theaters. These new films always rely on the talent and skill of stylists and artists. Someone needed to design and style Shuri’s gorgeous hair in Marvel’s Black Panther!

Movie sets are also perfect for special FX makeup artists. Remember Michael Jordan’s character, Erik, in Black Panther? A licensed special FX artist needed to make up every single mark he had on his body. Incredible! If you’re interested in creating work for cameras and having your work play such an important role, then a movie set is your destination for your future beauty career!

Television Industry

The television industry is yet another area in which stylists and makeup artists are an absolute necessity! From live programs like news and weather to TV shows filmed on a set weeks before their air date, the TV industry always needs licensed beauty professionals. For example, popular CNN news anchor Brooke Baldwin had to look flawless and gorgeous every day on camera. There was always someone nearby for a hair or makeup touch-up whenever she was off camera.

Similar to a movie set, a set for a TV show always requires the work of cosmetologists, estheticians, and makeup artists to achieve a look and personality of a character. Think of TV shows like Riverdale or Euphoria where the actors must look younger than they are to fit their characters. Makeup, skin care, and hair styling all play major factors in how old someone looks. For those interested in professional makeup for live television or for actors on a show, a beauty career in the television industry would be a great fit.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is always a hot spot for beauty careers. Hairstyles, makeup looks, and facial features like eyebrows make up a lot of popular fashion trends. Models in the fashion industry need licensed beauty professionals for photoshoots, whether they’re a freelance model, working with an advertising agency, or modeling for a clothing or makeup company. Regardless of the circumstances, knowing how to shape eyebrows, lift lashes, style hair, and apply flawless professional makeup are all necessary for the fashion industry. There’s never a shortage of models who need beauty professionals to help them achieve the latest fashion trends.


If the beauty careers above just didn’t seem like they would fit your interests, then you’ll probably make a great solopreneur. A solopreneur is someone who starts their own business as the only employee. As a solopreneur, you don’t have to work for someone and lose out on potential profits. You get to be your own boss and start a business that specializes in your most skilled or passionate area, be it esthetics, cosmetology, or makeup. If this sounds like something you’d like, then check out our blog about why becoming a solopreneur is worth it.

With an increased focus on skincare over the years and ever-changing makeup trends, there are beauty careers available in so many places. No matter where your passion lies within the beauty industry, there’s a career for you!

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