5 Bridal Looks for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer are the most popular wedding months. There are a variety of ways a bride can look her best in these months. Radiant and healthy skin is a consistent trend and can be the base for a multitude of colorful or more demure makeup looks. Find what works best for your bride.

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Floral Fantasy

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For a fun-loving bride, take inspiration from spring flowers and create a pastel eye-shadow look. You can play it safe by using 2-3 colors or add more for an otherworldly look. Depending on the application, lip colors can vary, but you can never go wrong with a “your lips but better” color.

Hot Pink Lip

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A bold and trendy warm-season bride may want to wow with hot pink lips! This look is especially trendy paired with dewy, highlighted skin and gold or rose gold eye-shadow. Finish the look off with mascara but avoid obvious falsies to stay on-trend.

Peach Goddess

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Peachy and Orange-y tones can add personality to makeup look without going over the edge and can give a beautiful contrast to a blush gown. You could apply peach shades all over the face or pair them with grays or lavenders for added depth and to give a sense of sophistication.

Tea Rose

For a mature yet fresh look, using tea on all features creates a soft take on modernity. Pink comes in various shades and temperatures, so it can complement all skin tones. Rose eye-shadow shades pair well with golds, bronzes, browns, and grays. Have fun experimenting.

Boho Summer

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For a bride with a beach wedding or bohemian style gown, try a sun-kissed look with dewy skin for full-on summer glamour. Complement this with a generous amount of bronzer and a natural lip and eye for effortless beauty.

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