5 Bridal Trends for Fall and Winter

Although weddings are typically in warmer months, some brides plan the wedding of their dreams in a winter wonderland. Other brides are interested in a wedding surrounded by the warmth of autumn.

Either way, it is important to embody the feeling of these seasons in the bride’s makeup look, in order to help her wedding vision be realized. Here are some of our favorite bridal trends for Fall and Winter.

And if you feel prepared for the Winter and Fall, we’ve covered hot Vintage Bridal Looks as well as Spring and Summer Bridal looks too!

Autumn Spice

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The coppery warmth of fall can be incorporated into a gorgeous bridal look. Whether your bride is into a natural look or glam beat, you can vary this style to fit your client’s needs. A beautiful smokey eye can be built up with various shades of brown, gold, and bronze.

For a bride with simpler tastes, a gentle wash of these colors can give a radiant glow.

Wine/Burgundy Lip

Cool burgundies and wines can give a unique twist to autumn and winter bridal makeup. They complement the warm colors of autumn and contrast beautifully with the winter snow. For a clean and traditional take, line the lips with a matching pencil for pristine bold color.

For a softer look, create a gradient lip.

Red Lip

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Unsurprisingly, Christmas brides look wonderful in a red lip. Be sure to pay attention to the undertones in the red, as this can be imperative to flattering the bride. Red lips are versatile and can be coordinated with a multitude of eye-shadows and blushes.

Cool Shadow

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Although bronzes and warmer tones work well for autumn, a classic winter look is best achieved with cool browns, grays, and purples. A subtle blend of lavender on the lid and a rose brown in the crease can do wonders for a client. To finish, a nude or gentle berry is a great lip color pairing.

Snow Queen

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Winter brides are often after a soft and ethereal look. To achieve this, avoid bronzer and focus on the skin’s natural color. Both matte and dewy foundations can work for this look. Dewy skin reflects the finish of an icicle while a tasteful amount of powder can give the skin a “snowy” look.

This makeup pairs well with the cool shadows mentioned above. For an adventurous bride, use gold in the inner corners for a subtle pop of color.

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