Bridal looks are more diverse than ever. With growing levels of acceptance and individuality, more and more brides are customizing their bridal looks.

And if you feel prepared for the Gothic looks, we’ve covered hot Vintage Bridal Looks as well as Winter and Fall Bridal looks and Spring and Summer Bridal looks too!

Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

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This look is a classic but can be interpreted in various ways. Grays and blacks are standard, but experiment with color and a variety of shapes to customize. With slight changes, this look can make your bride look like a porcelain doll or a vampy mistress. It’s up to you!

Black Cherry

Mix it up for your goth bride by using deep burgundy instead of black. It gives a unique twist on the traditional Gothic color without losing the spirit of the style. Red dresses are a trend with goth brides, so this look will match perfectly.

Black Lipstick

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The quintessential goth classic is a great choice for a bride wanting a traditional Gothic look for her wedding day. Black lipstick is extremely versatile and can be combined with many different eye-shadow shapes and colors.


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A general makeup trend as of late includes the addition of crystals or rhinestones under the eyes or on the tear duct. This sort of look isn’t seen in traditional bridal makeup but it can be a great way to incorporate softness into a Gothic bridal makeup look.

Pink and Purple

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A popular makeup combination, pink and purple based makeup can add an edge of whimsy to a Gothic bride. For a softer look, use the pink on the lips, for a more mature and sexy look use purple. If you want you can still use a lot of black in the makeup, just be sure it accents and doesn’t get muddled in the other colors!

Bridal Makeup Programs

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