5 Reasons Why You Will Want to Come Back After Graduation

1.  Makeup Classes: Stay Up To Date With The Latest Techniques

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Things are always changing in the makeup industry. Clients want an artist who can use the latest techniques and follow the latest trends. All while keeping up with the most acceptable sanitation standards. Taking a makeup program only to have to pay to take it again can get expensive. While at Multimedia Makeup Academy if you take one of our programs you are ALWAYS welcome back for some refresher makeup classes and more.

Make sure your work is up to date and relevant to your clients. This is also a great marketing technique for freelance artists, advertise your education in makeup classes. Checkout some of the latest makeup trends to date. If you are an artist and are missing out on these you may want to go back for a refresh. ; ) 

2.  Utilize Professional Makeup Resources Even After Completing Your Makeup Classes

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Freelance makeup artists who are still adding to their portfolio or trying to generate clientele, need access to some expensive but necessary resources. Such as; professional camera gear, computers & in some cases a work space. All things needed but sometimes not so easily accessible.

If you take any of our makeup artistry programs you will have full access to our studio space. This is a huge resource to have when embarking on your career in makeup artistry. Even if you are an artist who has been in the industry for a long time. Needing a professional space to work (that is fully set up for what you need) sometimes isn’t always the easiest place to find. 

3.  Career Assistance In The Makeup Industry 

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-Brand Promise “MMA is here to teach you, guide you and lift you to your truest potential so you can become the most sought after professional makeup artist.”

Sometimes even a well rounded makeup artist will need career assistance later in life. After time it is easy to change your mind on exactly where you are in your career. Maybe you want to change things up or switch roles within your field. For example, you could be a freelance artist wanting to join a company. Or maybe you are an artist who specializes in bridal, but wants more education in all fields of makeup. In this case you can return to MMA and take our Master  Program of Artistry.

Having networking opportunities and connections in the industry are always an excellent resource to hold on too. MMA offers these services even after graduation. Therefore, if you need career assistance we are here to help! We work hard at exercising our presence in the makeup industry to manage excellent connections, that can open up doors to our students & graduates. 

Not only do we want you to take all the makeup classes needed to make you a well rounded makeup artist. We also want you to leave here feeling confident in your future, knowing you have a support system here at MMA. 

4.  Shop With Your LIFELONG Discount At Our Pro Shop.

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Lifelong discount, pretty crazy right? Well it’s true! At Multimedia Makeup Academy once a student, always a member of the MMA community. Which is why you will continue to receive your shop discount. So when you need makeup supplies why not come back and purchase it where you already get a discount on the products? 

Our pro shop is located inside the academy and is open the same hours as the academy. Our supplies are carefully selected by the professionals who use them everyday. Every item in our pro shop is highly recommended by professional makeup artists. Basically, we do the recon and make sure you have the best products to choose from. Making your shopping experience an easy one. While you are there if you have any questions about the products or what would be best to use for a specific project, just ask! : ) 

5.  You’re Always Welcome BACK, Even If It’s To Say Hi!

We love to know what our alumni are up to! Please feel free to come back and visit. Here at MMA we want to know where you go after graduation. What you accomplish or plan to achieve. Of course if we can help in any way we are happy to do so. Share some of your latest makeup looks with us! We would love to share your work on some of our social channels! This is a great way to get recognized as well & build your social media following!

For new potential students, we look forward to meeting you, whether on campus or virtually for a tour or meeting with our admissions advisor! As for alumni, we hope to see you again soon!

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