5 Tools Everyone in the Makeup Industry Should be Using

Some of the most effective makeup application methods I ever learned were simple “tricks”. Oftentimes, going through the general motions of application can be too generalized or lacking in the details that make all the difference.

Try using some of these techniques to see what benefits they may give you.

(Clean) Hands

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A great tool that is often overlooked, hands can blend makeup effectively. Makeup artist Mary Greenwell swears by them and uses them to apply foundation and eyeshadow. She expresses that it allows her to blend the foundation into the skin better than a traditional brush or sponge might.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching a client’s face.

Brush Multiples

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When applying eyeshadow especially, it can be handy to own doubles or triples of the same brush. It is possible to use the same brush for multiple colors, but only if colors become progressively darker.

Getting the perfect transition requires going back and reworking areas with lighter colors, and sometimes, it’s that one style of brush that really performs best. Don’t think it’s unnecessary just because you already own one. If it works, buy more!

Wooden Skewers and Lighter

A big trend in Korea at the moment is makeshift lash curlers. To create them, they heat the ends of two wooden skewers with a lighter. To curl, they sandwich the lashes between the skewers and gently pull upwards. This heat sets the lashes and creates a long-lasting lift.

This technique could be dangerous if not practiced, so be extremely careful and don’t experiment on clients.

Lip Exfoliator Oil Instead of Balm

Dry lips are a common problem for many people. Between lack of regular exfoliation, biting, licking, and use of drying lip makeup, almost everyone had some sort of lip issue. A great way to get rid of these issues on clients is to apply a lip scrub and moisturize with oil afterword.

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Homemade lip scrubs with honey and sugar are cost-effective and work wonders. Coconut oil is a great lip balm replacement.

Mac Studio Fix Powder to Sculpt Lipstick

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Bright or dark lipstick can be a challenge to apply neatly. Even with the use of lip liners, color can bleed into fine lines or smudges. Fortunately, this can be corrected with the use of a highly pigmented powder foundation.

Why not just use concealer? Concealer is wet like lip products and will smudge the mistakes even more. Powder foundation is dry and will sit on top of the mistakes without mixing with the lip products.

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