7 Beautiful and Trendy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Try

Interested in a new trendy hairstyle? Or maybe you’re unsure of what to ask your hair stylist for? With so many different hairstyles and cuts out there, it’s difficult to choose the best one for you. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of trending hairstyles and cuts that you’ll definitely want to try this year. Read on to learn about the 7 styles and cuts currently trending in the beauty community.


trendy hairstyles
Image: Woman with a sleek, dark bob

Trendy hairstyles are always changing. Over 100 years ago in America, the bob haircut rose to fashion as a feminist statement among flappers. Like most fashion styles, the bob faded in and out of trend throughout the last century. However, it’s making yet another comeback this year! If you’re looking for a haircut that says “cute and fierce” with historical significance, the bob is perfect for you. A bob is when hair is cut above the shoulder, usually about chin length, but it can vary in length. This trendy hairstyle works well with all different hair types, but it especially gives a sophisticated, sleek look for those with straighter hair.

Pixie Cuts

trendy hairstyles
Image: woman with a wavy blonde pixie cut

Historically, women have always been encouraged to have long hair since it’s assumed that long hair is more feminine than short hair. But just like the shorter bob style, pixie cuts are still just as beautiful and sexy as long hair. Fading in and out of style from when it first took off in the 1950s with Audrey Hepburn, the pixie cut is yet another bold and empowering look for women. And, it’s coming back in style!

If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle for yourself and you want to try something different, cut your hair off! Pixie cuts are more than just very short hair: they can be very versatile in how they’re styled. Undercuts are common for pixie cuts to add some spice and uniqueness to your style. Different lengths in different areas, such as longer on the top than the sides, is also a style you can try with your pixie cut. It’s a fresh and powerful look for women that’s an absolute must-try!


trendy hairstyles
Image: hair stylist cutting bangs on client

Unlike the previous two hairstyles, bangs don’t necessarily have a cool history behind them. They’ve been around for ages, constantly coming in and out of fashion. People either love them or hate them. We’re here to tell you that they’re coming back in style—again. Bangs are hair styled over the forehead. They can be shorter in length and close to your hairline, or they can be long and closer to your eyes.

Bangs can work with just about any and every hair type and hairstyle. It’s super versatile and anyone can rock them. If you’re considering bangs, though, it’s best to not cut them yourself at 2 am in your bedroom. Instead, you can obtain a Cosmetology license at Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Special FX. If you have to cut them yourself, you should do it professionally!


Trendy hairstyles
Image: woman with long blonde layered hair

Layers are all about texture! A layered hair cut blends shorter strands into the full length of your hair. This provides texture, depth, and even volume. Layers are also great for thicker hair as they can thin out your hair in some areas, which can remove weight. You can simultaneously keep your long hair without the full weight of your hair! This hairstyle isn’t just for those with long locks though: layers can be used for the shorter looks like bobs and pixies as well. Cosmopolitan outlined an excellent list of different layered hairstyles if you need some inspiration! While layers have been around for a while, they continue to stay in trend. With its flexibility, it’s a perfect hairstyle to try this year.


trendy hairstyles
image: Billie Eilish with a blonde shag hairstyle

Shag is yet another adaptable style that works with many different haircuts and hair types. A shag haircut mimics a naturally messy look while still looking beautiful. This look is complemented best with layered hair. Different lengths of hair help to create depth and texture. Wavy or curly hair is very compatible with a shag look since it doesn’t take as much effort to perfect. For those of you who have naturally straighter hair, you’d need a curling iron or wand to create some waves and volume to achieve this look. You can style your waves differently depending on your hair length. This is what brings personality into your shag hairstyle.


trendy hairstyles
image: hair stylist blow drying a client’s hair

Similar to shag, a blowout hairstyle emphasizes a natural look in your hair. While shag goes for natural, messy waves, a blowout focuses on a tidier, sleeker look. A blowout is essentially using a hair dryer instead of a flat iron or straightener to achieve a smooth look in your hair.

When doing a blowout, you’ll want to either mostly air dry or blow dry your hair first so it’s not soaked when you start styling it. Using a rounded brush on small sections of your hair at a time allows the heat from the blowdryer to set and smooth your hair. A blowout doesn’t take as much time as a hair straightener might, so if you want to go for a smoother look, a blowout is a must-try. With this straightforward hairstyle, you can easily be on-trend this year.

Middle Part

trendy hairstyles
image: client in a salon with middle parted long brown hair

Middle parts have always been common as many natural parts are down the middle. That said, it’s time to embrace that natural part! We’ve all tried different parts all over our heads, but a middle part provides a beautiful symmetry to your hair. A middle part works with any hair length, style, and cut. It’s even good for updos, like twin braids. It’s a simple but effective change to your hairstyle, but it’ll keep you looking on-trend.

Hair is a great way to express personality and beauty! Try a new cut like a bob or pixie, and maybe add in some layers or change your part. Keeping your hairstyle fresh is perfect for maintaining your look and confidence in your hair.

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