A Program for Cosmetology or Esthetics + Special FX Makeup

Special FX artistry work done by Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX.

There is in fact a beauty school that offers a combined curriculum of comprehensive makeup training and licensure. Special FX paired with cosmetology or esthetics. Meaning Multimedia Makeup Academy offers you the ability to gain your beauty industry license, while obtaining an education in a specific field of makeup artistry. 

Have you ever heard of this before while hunting for the perfect beauty school? The answer would be no, because until now it never existed. Read on to find out how MMA offers such a robust beauty industry education. Afterwards you won’t have to take extended classes outside of receiving your licensure. MMA made getting your cosmetology or esthetics license efficient and took quality education to the next level. 

Attending MMA you will not have to worry about not learning the latest innovative techniques being used in the beauty industry. Our active industry professional instructors are taking care of that for you. Curious how and why we would pair special FX with a licensure program? Continue reading to find out just how much value you will hold after graduation at MMA.

Special FX Artist + Cosmetology or Esthetics 

Esthetics education

Special FX in only one of our makeup programs offered at MMA, there are actually 4 in total! Click here to explore all the options available. However, this blog is specifically about our Special FX makeup program. 

The Special FX Artist + Esthetics or Cosmetology Program trains students to create out-of-the-kit special effects, life cast, sculpt, and produce prosthetics varying from hiding mechanisms for trauma, to characters, and fantasy creatures. There are two avenues you can take with this makeup program, you can receive training in cosmetology or training in esthetics. 

To find out more about the specific breakdown of esthetics within the program click here.

The Main result of the Special FX Makeup Course

Special FX finished makeup done by student at Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special Fx
Special FX finished makeup done by student at Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special Fx

Upon completion of any special fX makeup education, you should have complete knowledge of the following: out of the kit 2D and 3D effects, prosthetic application, life casting, sculpting and mold making with various mediums such as silicone and cement. Completing a program at a special fx makeup school should also provide you with a certificate of completion. Your certification showcases to clients and future employers that you are fully committed to the art and safe application of Special FX makeup.

Why You Would Need Both 

When searching for a job in the film industry, those who are hiring are looking for someone with the full package. Meaning they have a cosmetology or esthetics license on top of having the proper special fx application training. Some of the biggest names in the industry have explained this in detail on our podcast Makeup Your Life. This is true for any career in the beauty industry. Being able to complete a look fully while on set is much more efficient than hiring multiple people with experience in the fields separately. Presenting your robust education to your future employer will make their decision much easier. Be their first and only choice by having the proper training in all avenues. Multimedia Makeup Academy provides that extensive knowledge.

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