Why Aftercare for Your Beauty Treatment Is So Important

You’ve just got your hair dyed, your eyelashes extended, and your bikini line waxed. Now what? First, enjoy how stunning and smooth you now are! Second, keep your hair and skin fresh and healthy with the aftercare advice about your beauty treatments that your esthetician and cosmetologist gave you. Maintaining an ongoing aftercare routine for your beauty treatments between appointments is super important. Let’s take a look at several reasons and examples as to why you should be keeping up with beauty treatment aftercare.

Aftercare Brings Out The Best of Your Beauty Treatment

The first major reason why aftercare is stressed to clients is that aftercare brings out the best of your beauty treatment. Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness means better and longer-lasting results. It takes time, effort, and money to receive an effective beauty treatment, so it’s important to do what you can to preserve that treatment.

Here’s an example of how aftercare can benefit the effectiveness of your beauty treatment. Dyed hair shouldn’t be washed frequently, but should be conditioned often. If this basic rule of dyed hair aftercare isn’t followed, you’re going to wash the color out much sooner. In fact, your cosmetologist may even recommend special conditioners or hair masks to help you preserve your color.  Following these aftercare strategies that your cosmetologist explains to you, such as appropriate hair washing with appropriate conditioners, your dyed hair remains much more vibrant. As an additional result of maintaining proper aftercare, you’ll save money on touch-up appointments that you won’t need!

If you still don’t believe that aftercare is necessary to bring out the best of your beauty treatments, here’s another example! Freshly waxed skin absolutely needs aftercare to maintain the smooth and supple appearance and feeling your esthetician gave you. There is a myriad of dos and don’ts for freshly waxed skin. For instance, exfoliating and moisturizing waxed skin helps to prevent ingrown hairs or clogged follicles (but make sure to only start exfoliating no less than 3 days after the initial wax!). This care also helps to make your next wax less painful and easier! Without proper aftercare for a wax, your skin can dry out and clog up, which can cause health problems for your skin.

Aftercare Keeps You Healthy

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If keeping your beauty treatment at its best still isn’t enough for you to maintain an aftercare routine, maybe this next reason will have you convinced! The second major reason aftercare is so important is that it keeps your hair and skin healthy to ensure there’s no damage, infection, or irritation. Aftercare certainly keeps your freshly waxed skin smooth and soft, but it also makes sure your skin doesn’t become irritated or break out. It’s not fun to deal with irritated skin because it gets dry and itchy, and it can take time to heal. Having an ongoing aftercare routine, though, allows your skin to remain healthy, smooth, and glowing.

Even beauty treatments like eyelash extensions require ongoing aftercare! Keeping your lash extensions clean means preserving your natural lashes and preventing bacteria build-up. You can read more about eyelash extensions and their aftercare on our blog! Even care after a basic haircut is good for the health of your hair. Maintaining good washing habits with certain shampoos and conditioners can help keep splits and tears to a minimum. Reducing how much heat your hair endures is another great way to keep it healthy and strong. The exterior health of your body–your skin and hair–is just as important as your inner health.

Aftercare Keeps You On Track With Your Appointment Schedules

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The last major reason that aftercare is highly encouraged and promoted is that it helps you stay on track with your future beauty treatments. Many people regularly meet with their esthetician or cosmetologist, and improper care between treatments can affect future appointments. For example, a big no-no for regular waxers is shaving between appointments because that can affect how well the waxing works on your next appointment. Breaking that no-shave rule means offsetting your waxing schedule, which can ultimately affect your skin itself.

For waxing, breaking that rule may just mean waiting longer for your next appointment, but that’s not so easy for other beauty treatments. Take eyelash extensions, for example: poor aftercare and hygiene mean you may not even get your new lashes during your next appointment! Not following proper aftercare for lash extensions can mean there’s build-up around the lash line. Your lash expert will have to spend time cleaning weeks’ worth of build-up while trying to save your natural lashes from coming out with the build-up. It’s difficult to stay on schedule with your appointments when your lash expert has to make up for poor aftercare or when your natural lashes come off with the extensions. You may even end up spending more money on the cleaning procedure or on a second appointment to finish everything. It’s in your wallet’s best interest as well as yours to make sure aftercare is followed as advised.

Trust Your Esthetician and Cosmetologist

Just as there are significant reasons everyone should follow a proper aftercare routine for their beauty treatments, there is a major reason that beauticians advise aftercare. Beauticians want the best for their clients! No matter what their specialty is, beauticians care for your skin, hair, lashes, and brows just as much as you do, if not more. Trust your esthetician and cosmetologist! They’re professionally trained and licensed individuals who have your best interest in mind. If our three reasons for following an aftercare routine aren’t enough, then do it for your beauticians!

At Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology, + Special FX, we educate and emphasize the importance of proper hygiene and aftercare for every and all beauty treatments. Each student is taught and trained in proper hygiene and cleanliness when performing beauty treatments. Our classes also teach proper aftercare for each skill students learn. Additionally, in our Student Salon, our students always make sure to educate and advise each client on the proper aftercare procedures for each treatment done.

Trust your beauticians and take care of yourself!

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