Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Applying Makeup

Connivence takes over more often than not when applying makeup. Sometimes we are in a rush and forget small steps that could make a huge difference. This is when mistakes are made that can ruin all the work you just did when applying your makeup. Here are 5 makeup mistakes you will want to avoid. Doing this will provide you with a better look overall. Eliminate the mistakes, feel confident in applying makeup correctly and your skin will thank you for it. If you need more experience applying makeup or are curious in making a career out of it check out some available courses here at Multimedia Makeup Academy.

Applying Foundation on Bare Skin: 

This is an absolute NO. Curious as to why you are breaking out so bad now that you started wearing foundation again? If you are not priming your face first prior to applying your foundation, you are inviting your makeup to clog your pores and create breakout. Never forget to prep your skin before starting your makeup application process. Whether that be a primer or a light lotion to set your face before adding to it. Be sure to let this rest for a few minutes before applying foundation. This will also prevent that nasty creasing later in the day.

Your Fingers are NOT a Makeup Brush:

As easy as it is to wake up and apply your makeup quickly with your fingers, you’re doing yourself a disservice. This causes an uneven layer and actually makes the coverage process less effective. In other words if you are trying to cover blemishes and or acne, you are actually rubbing the foundation in with your fingers rather than setting it on top. You want to use a makeup brush or a makeup sponge to pat on your foundation in an even manner to provide the coverage you are looking for. This will prevent patchy areas as well, when using your fingers it is easier to create different uneven tones depending on how much you apply in one area versus the other. 

This information is also important for those seeking to become a professional in the industry. If your makeup instructors didn’t teach you this then you need to attend an academy that is equip with professional instructors that will. Make sure your makeup education is providing you with the right outcome.

Not Allowing Your Liquid Foundation Dry: 

A lot of people apply their powder right after their foundation as they sometimes are in a hurry to get ready. What happens when you do this is the powder absorbs heavily in the spots that have not dried yet. For example placing powder under your eye prior to the foundation drying can cause uneven coloring under your eye. Sometimes you may notice this later in the night almost like a yellow or white undertone under your eye. Once the powder absorbs into your foundation it is harder to smooth out and get rid of the blotchy look that was created. Therefore, let your foundation dry before applying any powder. 

Blush Is Meant For a Specific Spot:

Sometimes people can get carried away with blush simply by placing it on their cheek. However, too much can make you look like you are running a fever. Best to avoid that look. There is a way to apply blush, which is to lightly brush it on the apple of your cheeks and brush towards  your ears. This will allow a subtle smooth touch of color highlighting your cheeks in the perfect spot. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Using an Eyeshadow that is all Shimmer as a BASE:

Shimmer shades are obviously very hard to draw the line when applying a specific amount. However, applying them to your entire lid can make your eyes appear swollen. By using more of a neutral matte as your dominant base shade you are going to create some depth. You can still use a shimmer shadow, just be cautious to not overdo it. Save that shimmer for your brow bone and or the inner and outer part of your eye. ; ) 

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