“Be 10x Better”

As a kid, every morning before school my dad prayed with my sisters and I and told us, “You girls are 10x better than all the rest.”  I remember at first thinking that I did not want to think of myself as better than anyone, but I also realized that he meant we were capable of way more than average outcomes.  The more he said it, the more it sunk in.  I was made for MORE! I haven’t settled for LESS since.  I have come to realize that comparison with others impedes success.  It’s like gawking on the freeway at 35 miles an hour while everyone around you is coasting at a speed of above 65.  They’ll all reach the destination before you.  If you spend more time focusing on being 10x better than you already are, competition becomes a non-issue and you start to MAKE YOUR SUCCESS.  Read about the 2 changes you can make to be more successful starting right now: CLICK HERE

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