How To Become A Cosmetologist In Michigan

So you want to become a cosmetologist. Awesome! The first step to becoming a cosmetologist is knowing you want to be one. The second step is knowing how to become a cosmetologist. Like with any other career, an aspiring cosmetologist must go to school; they also have to take state exams to obtain their cosmetology license.

It sounds pretty simple, and it is, but there are a lot of finer details that aspiring cosmetologists should know. Multimedia Makeup Academy of Special FX, Cosmetology, and Esthetics has its own requirements for students to become a cosmetologist, and the State of Michigan adds a few more requirements on top of that. Let’s go ahead and see what exactly is required to become a cosmetologist in Michigan.

The Academy’s Requirements To Become a Cosmetologist

become a cosmetologist

It’s no secret that The Academy is a hair and makeup school that offers in-depth, comprehensive cosmetology programs for aspiring stylists. Students of cosmetology at The Academy will go through four rotations: Learn, Create, Prosper, and Evolve. Every student will complete these rotations for a minimum total of 1500 hours not including your makeup training.

The first rotation, Learn, is designed to provide the theory and basis for all cosmetology techniques and technologies. Students learn through lectures, demonstrations, and work on mannequin heads about the following topics: sanitation, personal hygiene and public health, and anatomy and physiology. Students will also learn the fundamentals of cutting, color, texture, styling, skin, and nails. The material presented here is crucial for students to know well in order to become a cosmetologist.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to Create in the second rotation of cosmetology school where you’ll start practicing what you’ve learned so far. Students will be guided by an instructor with individual attention and group learning experiences using workshops, monthly mini-classes, clinic classroom worksheets, and periodic evaluations developed specifically for monitoring progress. Some things you’ll learn and practice in this rotation are hairdressing, coloring, chemical hair reconstructing, and scalp and hair treatments.

It’s important to note that students will begin their Minimum Practical Application (MPAs) hours during this rotation. MPAs is another way to say the amount of time you’ve spent learning, training, and practicing to become a cosmetologist. These hours are a requirement of The Academy and the State of Michigan.

The third rotation, Prosper, is when students will receive their makeup training, since The Academy provides comprehensive programs where students learn makeup application while working towards their cosmetology license. While studying makeup, students continue with their cosmetology MPAs. Students will also be working in the student salon during this rotation. Practicing your skills and techniques on real people is a great way to prepare yourself for becoming a cosmetologist.

Finally, cosmetology students get to Evolve into the stylist they’ve dreamed of becoming in this fourth rotation. These last 50 hours are designed to prepare students for the State Board examinations. Students will review topics that will be covered on the written portion of the exam. Additionally, through demonstration and hands-on experience, students will prepare for the practical portion of the exam.

Once you’ve completed all four rotations, you’re ready to graduate! But, you still have a few more steps to take before you can become a licensed cosmetologist. The State of Michigan has laws and regulations in place when it comes to applying for licensure in anything (you’ll learn all about these in your rotations). So, what are the next steps you have to take?

Michigan’s Requirements To Become a Cosmetologist

become a cosmetologist

The State of Michigan requires three specific things from beauty school graduates to become fully licensed cosmetologists. First, you have to take and pass the practical exam. This exam is three hours and 10 minutes long, and examinees are tested on: safety criteria, manicure service, facials service, chemical services, clean up and shampoo, permanent waving service, hair cutting, blow drying and thermal curling service, and end of exam disinfection. In Michigan, the testing sites for this practical exam are in Southfield, Grand Rapids, and Marquette. You need to score at least a 75% to pass the exam.

The second thing cosmetology school graduates need to do is pass the theory exam. This exam is two hours and tests on general conceptions, applied anatomy, physical services, chemical services, hair styling and shaping, and state laws and regulations. This exam is done on a computer, but you have to go in person to a testing site in Holt, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Marquette, or Gaylord. You need to score at least a 70% to pass this exam.

You can find a breakdown of prices and how to schedule these exams here.

The third step that Michigan requires you to do to become a cosmetologist is apply for a license! You can find out more about how Michigan requires you to apply for your cosmetology license here. You can also renew your license from that website, which every cosmetologist is required to do every two years.

These Requirements Are Worth It To Become a Cosmetologist

become a cosmetologist

You just went through 1500 hours of cosmetology school and passed two exams for your cosmetology license in addition became a professional makeup artist in the field of your choice. Was it worth it? Absolutely. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for cosmetologists is projected to grow by a whopping 19% in the next decade, which is way more than any other field.

There is a very high demand for cosmetologists, whether you choose to work in a salon or start your own business as a solopreneur. You’re in high demand, but how much do cosmetologists make in Michigan if they’re so needed? According to Indeed, cosmetologists can make anywhere between $25 to $40 an hour. If you freelance or work as a solopreneur, you also have the freedom to charge even more for your services.

One of the best parts about this is you are not just leaving us to pass your state boards. You are leaving us as a professional makeup artist and an individual ready to be your own leader in the beauty industry. In addition to the hours to fulfill your cosmetology program you will also be required a select amount of ours dependent on which makeup program you choose to pair your licensure with.

With cosmetologists in such high demand, your time and effort going through all the rigorous requirements of The Academy and the State of Michigan will be more than worth it. Success and profit are in your future when you become a licensed cosmetologist in Michigan.

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