How To Become A Makeup Artist? Professionals’ Advice

Becoming a professional makeup artist is not easy, but it is a viable option for young people thinking about a career route or even people thinking about retraining.

In this guide we’re looking at how to become a makeup artist and the different paths to becoming a pro.

There are a few different routes to this career, like a lot of other jobs, and we will cover the best options in this guide and some of the imperative skills to learn.

01. Get an Education

makeup artist

Becoming a makeup artist doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to start somewhere. Going to a school that specializes in makeup rather than just offering a course is crucial.

Do not short yourself when it comes to your makeup education. Wherever you choose to get your makeup education, you want to make sure you leave knowing more about makeup than any other topic in the beauty industry such as hair for example, why learn about it if you do not plan to offer it as a service?

Multimedia Makeup Academy prioritizes their specialty front and center. Before acquiring your first real makeup job it’s best to make sure you have the education in all the techniques to showcase to your future employer. This will give you options!

Multimedia Makeup Academy’s Master Program includes all you need to know before embarking on your career. The Master Program explores the bulk of makeup education.

Many makeup enthusiasts aspire to become celebrity makeup artists.

To become a celebrity makeup artist the first step is the same.

  1. You have to educate yourself.
  2. Create a portfolio while acquiring your education & decide your specialty.If you are unsure then the Master Program is a great way to cover all your bases. Interested in online training, rather than in person? You can start your program online!Or if you are interested in remote courses, speak with one of our admission advisors to help make that possible! We are willing to work with you.

Being a makeup artist is a very specialist skill. We’re not just talking about being able to do makeup well, millions of people have this skill.

To become a professional makeup artist you need to know more about people’s complexions, the materials that can be used, and be up-to-date on all the latest techniques.

Makeup artistry can extend to prosthetics and special effects. Specific makeup programs for these styles can enhance your portfolio and skillset meaning that you are able to offer more services.

Attending a makeup academy can be a great option for you. This can enable you to learn some of the skills required and more about the industry, and you may have models to work on when taking this sort of makeup school. People in more remote areas who can’t attend classes in person can make use of a makeup school online.

Education should be an ongoing thing, you can continue to take courses and learn more in the industry, even if you are already working on photoshoots or video shoots.

02. Choose a Makeup Career Path

When thinking of different makeup career avenues eight specifically come to mind.

1. Starting with Freelance Makeup Artist.

If you enjoy flexibility, creative freedom & the ability to work independently, then this is a great choice.

It is important to understand you need additional education in marketing & business management. This education is provided in EVERY program at Multimedia Makeup Academy.

2. Bridal Makeup Artist.

Do you enjoy traveling, fast-paced schedules & being a part of someone’s most important day of their lives? If you are one who thrives in a very demanding environment & can work under pressure then this can be a very successful path for you.

3. Runway Makeup Artist! 

Interested in fashion, travel & the hustle & bustle it requires? If so this could open a lot of doors as the networking opportunities are endless.

4. Celebrity Makeup Artist

Fame & fortune brings us to our fourth career, Celebrity Makeup Artist.

This is a career that reinforces the importance of your social media following & appearance. To get recognized & connected with the right people will open doors. Work with celebrities & influencers on a daily basis while upholding a very strong image.

5. Salon & Spa Makeup Artist

Interested in being in on the action in all beauty avenues? If so then this brings us to our fifth career; Salon & Spa Makeup Artist!

Here you will be working alongside cosmetologists, estheticians & more professionals in the beauty industry. Opportunities for a large & loyal clientele is highly obtainable in this career choice.

6. A Print Makeup Artist

Another career that may not be as common as others includes our sixth career; A Print Makeup Artist.

If you are better with structure & being told what to create rather than having to come up with it on your own then this is something to consider. The director or photographer will give you the supplies and direction needed to create a specific look.

7. Special FX Makeup Artist

Let the Special FX fun begin!

Makeup Artist in The World Of Film is the seventh choice on our list. If you enjoy being tested & have an enormous amount of creativity then makeup in film may be a good fit. Focusing on transformation & realism, a career in film can be just as fun as it is challenging. Competition is high in this field & ready to be challenged.

8. Makeup Educator

Lastly is a Makeup Educator.

If you are an excellent teacher but love makeup & spreading your knowledge and talents to aspiring makeup artists then look no further! This career may be the best choice. ; )

There they are! Eight awesome career paths that could be an absolute dream! The first step to getting there is getting your education!

Tips on Getting Experience

How to become a makeup artist

Practice, practice, practice! Be sure to practice on yourself & friends regularly. The best way to learn how to become a makeup artist, other than taking courses and educating yourself, is to get hands-on experience.

This is sometimes easier said than done.

  • Networking is a great tactic, as networking will open plenty of doors of opportunity.
  • Make friends with photographers/videographers.
  • Completing an internship or apprenticeship is huge!

We are always providing these opportunities at MMA in order to provide a professional experience to our students prior to graduation. Don’t be afraid to connect & reach out to those who are thriving in the business.

Some Ways to Get Experience Include

  • Offering to work as a runner or assistant for existing makeup artists free of charge.
  • Finding local photographers or aspiring photographers and offering your services free of charge.
  • Getting involved with training courses that might give you opportunities to work on test shoots.

To get experience in this industry there might be some times when you have to put in some effort without huge financial rewards, knowing that in the future there are other opportunities to come for those who show this kind of dedication.

Know and Follow The Trends

Stay up to date with the latest trends by following high profile makeup artists & being active in the industry.

Other checklist items you may want to follow:

  • Blogs
  • Makeup brands
  • Fashion trends
  • Makeup trends

Seek the names you know won’t disappoint. To name a few; Cosmopolitan,Vogue & InStyle.

Include these trends in your social media platforms & always keep the content up to date with these trends. Additionally, keep tabs on your competitors. This can be a good motivational tool. Keep track of what they are doing and what works & doesn’t work for them. You can learn from analyzing the performance of others.

Tips on Using Social Media to Promote Yourself 

using social media as a makeup artist

As well as using social media as a tool to stay updated in the industry, you can use it as a tool to promote yourself. Social media can be powerful for networking, and even if you are just looking for unpaid positions to try and gain new skills, social media might be a way to get your name out and ensure photographers and filmmakers consider you locally.

While obtaining your education, Multimedia Makeup Academy will teach you how to start your social media presence & gain a following. It is important to have quality images! You want to promote your work in the most appealing way with professional shots. This is something that is taught at here at the academy.

In addition, here are five tips to promote on social media that you can use right away:

  1. Be consistent with your publishing
  2. Only post strictly about makeup
  3. Post before & after makeup looks
  4. Tag brands & influencers you know
  5. Utilize all the apps out there to publish on multiple platforms

Be sure to incorporate your own style! Set yourself apart from others & find your niche. Stay in the know with technology & popular apps to assist with posting your content. Lastly, Make sure your content is relatable to your audience! Keep tabs on what’s going on in the world and use it as a tool to incorporate into your work.

Makeup Artist Kit Checklist 

makeup artist kit

Making sure you have the proper tools in your makeup kit is crucial! At MMA a full Makeup Kit is included in the tuition. We will make sure you are fully prepared. As you grow into a professional you can always add & customize your kit. To start here is a checklist approved by us!

Skin prep is essential: Toner, face masks, moisturizers, and primers for all skin types: normal, dry, sensitive, combination, and oily.

Makeup Cleansers are a must-have: Micellar Water is a great product that removes nearly every type of makeup without drying out the skin.

Water: Seems silly, but you never know when you are going to need it to dampen a brush or sponge for certain application techniques.

Foundations and correctors in all skin tones or the ability to create them. We prefer cream foundation.

A great neutral eyeshadow palette: We recommend the Viseart Neutral palette.

Cream and powder blushes: layering powder over cream ensures longevity.

Cream powder contour and highlight: Cream tends to look more natural and you can always layer powder over top to amp it up.

Make sure that the contour color compliments the client’s undertones and the value of their skin, one color does not work on everybody.

Brow products: Powder, cream, pencil, and gel in warm and neutral tones for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Setting powder: Can be used to control the finish of the foundation.

Statin, dewy, matte setting spray: helps the durability, super important when the makeup has to last all day.

Mascara: This is so specific to each artist but you are looking for something that is long-lasting, doesn’t flake, doesn’t dry out the lashes and is easy for the client to remove.

Various eyeliners: Gel, pencil. cream, liquid. If you cannot sanitize it after use, then it’s not worth having in your kit (felt marker liners)

Lip products: Lip scrub, lip balm, glosses, stains, lipstick. It’s best to find cream lip color in palettes as it saves space in your kit.

Lash curlers: Essential for lifting lashes and opening up the eye, we like Japonesque False lashes of various sizes and shapes- uppers, lowers, full, demi, etc. Have them in black and brown.

Brushes: Every artist tends to have a favorite brand, but the biggest thing is to have multiples of the brushes you use most to save time if you have multiple clients in a day.

Never have all of your brushes out in the open, exposed to the environment. Select the brushes you need for the application and stow the rest away.

Always keep clean and dirty brushes separate.

The kit list above does not even mention a sanitation kit! Which we also absolutely recommend. Check out our recommended kit here with everything you will need for sanitation. To become certified & obtain the kit. You can take your class here!

This is a great start to embark on your journey in makeup. There are so many different avenues to take, but again, they all start with learning.

Start your journey today & apply now!

Tips & Lessons for the Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist. Sign up Today!

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