Why You Need Business Classes At Beauty School!

If we’ve learned anything from Legally Blonde, it’s that you can be a beauty expert and a successful business person at the same time. Okay, so Elle Woods technically was a lawyer and not a business woman, but she rose above her competition, became a huge success, and looked good while doing it.

To be a well educated and marketable professional within the beauty industry, business classes are an absolute must. There’s nothing more powerful than a beauty professional who knows the ins and outs of the business world, from entrepreneurial design to maintaining ethical core values to creating your own brand and style. Here at Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Special FX, every student takes a variety of business classes that provide a balanced education, leadership development, and all sorts of business insights.

Balanced Education

At The Academy, a balanced education consists of more than just our bundled programs of makeup and esthetics or makeup and cosmetology. Every up and coming beauty professional should have knowledge and experience in the world of business. Business classes at The Academy help students receive a balanced education that leads them to success as licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, and makeup artists. These business classes include peer to peer learning, project based assessments, entrepreneurial design, and technology integration.

Peer to peer learning is an effective way to familiarize beauty school students with group or team collaboration. This experience prepares them for working with clients, business partners, or employers in the future. The best products and learning experiences come from working with others as each member of a group brings a unique perspective and experience that influences communication and interactions with others. Peer to peer learning brings out the best in student work in The Academy’s business education classes.

Project based assessments might sound scary at first, but these projects are designed to help students practice and grow their business knowledge and skills. Projects replicate what students may experience and deal with as professional estheticians, cosmetologists, or makeup artists. If you can master these projects based on real life scenarios, then you’re prepared to face them when working with clients or business partners in the future.

Entrepreneurial design goes hand-in-hand with the projects that students will create in their business education courses. Entrepreneurship has a lot of elements to it that can make it seem like a daunting task, but business courses at The Academy make sure students are prepared to launch their own business or freelance their beauty school skills. Students learn complete business startup, which includes skills like branding and marketing, resume building and portfolio developing, taxes for freelancers, and so much more.

Lastly, business classes at The Academy also focuses on technology integration, which is super important in today’s ever-growing digital world. Part of portfolio building, branding, and marketing is being able to take photos that accurately represent your skill and talent as an esthetician, cosmetologist, or makeup artist. Knowing how to create digital logos for a website or aesthetically pleasing social media graphics for branding or marketing purposes is crucial to maintaining the image that you as a beauty professional want to convey. These are all digital skills that can take time and practice to develop, which is why technology integration is a focus in The Academy’s business education courses.

Leadership Development

Business classes are more than just learning about starting and maintaining a business. Businesses reflect the entrepreneurs who created them, so it’s important to also maintain personal growth and core values. At The Academy, leadership development is taught to students through professional coaching within the business classes. Leadership isn’t just being the head of a group or guiding others to success; it is also the ethics, morals, and principles that are esteemed by the leader and their business.

Knowing and understanding how to create a set of core values for a business can help guide you to success. Incorporating these values in the branding and marketing of your business can help influence and persuade clients, business partners, and employers that you are the beauty professional they want to work with. Business education at The Academy teaches students how to create and maintain core ethical values as a leader and as a beauty professional in the working world to maximize business success.

Business Insights

It already sounds like a lot is packed into these business education courses, but they wouldn’t be on par with Elle and her Harvard Law School classes if there wasn’t so much great information and skills to be learned. Business insights are yet another area in which students are focused on entrepreneurial design, leadership development, and marketing. The term “business insights” means knowing and understanding information about how things function around you or in specific situations within the business world. To be more specific, The Academy’s business classes highlight insights on image editing, brand creation, website design, and audience building.

Due to ever-changing technology, fluctuations of the economy, and growing clientele, it’s important for beauty entrepreneurs to know the best techniques for their marketing, branding, and networking. For example, The Academy offers business classes specifically for Social Media Marketing, which covers SM platforms available, profile DOs and DONTs, content creation, brand establishment, social media failures, measuring analytics, converting goals to sales, and handling negativity.

Each specific area listed requires certain skills and knowledge to do well and accurately. Bundling them all in a business education course provides students with all the business insights necessary to successfully market and brand themselves as beauty professionals.

Solopreneur Training

All of these awesome business insights prepare students to become solopreneurs when they graduate with their certifications and licenses. A solopreneur is just like an entrepreneur, except they work by themselves and have the ability to design, create, and run their business how they want to. Unlike other beauty schools, The Academy offers what you need to become the creator of your own success. Learn how to uniquely brand yourself and build your own start-up as a freelance makeup artist, stylist, brand consultant, or beauty expert as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

If you are not ready to be a solopreneur yet and want to gain more experience in the industry, The Academy has personalized career counseling to help propel you into the career of your dreams. The Career Concierge provides a variety of career services that will help you connect with business professionals in the beauty, film, or special FX industries. Even if you decide not to start your own beauty business, the business education courses are still necessary and super important for beauty professionals. Every beauty professional needs to know how to market and brand themselves for employers and clients, no matter where they choose to work.

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