Consultations from a Client’s Perspective

It’s unavoidable.

We have all experienced client consultations: beauty salons, therapy clinics, schools, registries, and of course the doctor’s office.

Some of these consultations have been more favorable than others. If you are anything like me, I cannot stand when I have to give the same information more than once!  For instance, you make an appointment to a medical clinic and they ask you a million questions on the phone. Then they mail you 6 pages of intake questions and they are the same exact ones you just spent sharing on the phone!  It’s so irritating!  I want to say to the intake nurse, “Can you just be my scribe”?  Even more annoying is trying to fill out 6 pages while you have two little ones destroying the doctors lobby!!  You wonder, has anyone at the office taken a look at their current processes when conducting client consultations???!!!

Let’s take a look at consultations or in-take forms from a client’s perspective…

 Do not make clients repeat themselves; make sure your questions and processes are not repetitive.

  • Make it a good experience and not dreadful one. Some great examples of accommodating your clients are:
  • Do most of the work for them. If you have electronic forms make sure they are able to auto-fill. Avoid forcing the client to download, print, scan and send.
    • Asking the client what their preferred method of contact is. Communication is key.
    • Answering questions before the client asks.
    • Filling out most paperwork or intake forms for them.
    • Being organized with your in-take and consultation method. Make sure not to jump around with your questions.
    • Being conscious of time. Your questions should extract the information you are looking for. Avoid time wasters.

What is in a consultation form?

So what should a client consultation be comprised of?  Well you must first think about what information you are trying to gain. Let’s begin with questions that would help us understand our objective during our consultation.

  1. What type of personal information would provide us with insight into their communication style? Do they like straight to the point answers or do they like dialog?  For example some clients might just want to know final pricing and don’t really care to know the details vs. another client who wants a breakdown of their total bill (travel charge, applications, minimum person fee, etc.).
  2. What type of information is needed to communicate with them now and at a later date? Will they have a new address or a new name?
  3. What type of questions would bring out their personal preference and style in reference to makeup?
  4. What type of medical questions need to be answered in order to avoid adverse reactions?
  5. What type of questions would help you better understand their personality and character type?
  6. What type of questions would help you understand where they are in the “buy cycle”?


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So whether you are a new to the business or a veteran, it is always good to evaluate your current processes for client consultations to see if they are effective.  You may have mad skills, but if you lose the client at the consult then they will never get to experience your talent.

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