Helpful Tips On How To Succeed In Makeup School

Pursuing a career in makeup seems like a no-brainer to some. However, those who actually know what it takes to become a makeup artist, know the amount of hard work and talent it takes to get there. To better help and prepare you as you embark on this journey, here are some helpful tips to help you succeed in makeup school.  

Pay Attention To Your Instructors…They Know What They Are Doing

Multimedia Makeup Academy holds high standards for all its makeup instructors. To name a few of these requirements; each instructor hired at MMA:

  • Must be currently active in the makeup industry in addition to teaching.
  • Must be certified in Sanitation Conversation
  • Must complete our in-house Instructor/Leadership Training Program.
  • Must participate in continuing education while at MMA (Assuring our instructors are providing the most relevant and up-to-date information. Being active in the industry plays a big role in this as well.) 
  • Must maintain active industry connections/relationships.

At MMA we make sure we offer the best possible makeup education to build a well-rounded makeup artist! The relationship between an instructor and their student is crucial and we strive for students to feel comfortable and free to express their creativity through the makeup. 

All of our aspiring makeup artists usually build friendships with their instructors. Through this, they find welcoming connections in the makeup industry. 

Paying attention to your instructors is easy when you know you’re watching a talented professional who lives and breathes makeup and does so through a successful career. Therefore, stay focused in class and ask questions, your MMA instructors know what they are talking about. 

Practice Makeup Application Even When You’re Not Being Told To

applying makeup

for anyone interested in succeeding in a more creative career choice such as makeup artistry, it is important to always practice

When you practice you remember and what you may lack at prior will be corrected as you continue to practice. It is up to you to create a schedule that is consistent when it comes to practicing. You will get tons of opportunities at your makeup school of course, however, when you go home or when you have a day off thinking about other opportunities to practice. This can be on yourself or friends/family. You might do some of your best work yet and realize you have another piece for your portfolio! 

Think Outside The Box: Creativity In Makeup School WILL Go Far

makeup ideas

You should never be nervous or ashamed of self-expression or your creative edge, instead, embrace it! At Multimedia Makeup Academy we can’t stress this enough. No matter what field of makeup you are going into, find a way to somehow express yourself. This is what will make you stand out from other artists. 

If you are looking to become a master at makeup artistry, then you will be exploring all the avenues of makeup. One being special FX makeup! This is where your expression will really be able to thrive. Even if you are going into bridal makeup or runway, having a creative edge will make you stand out from the rest. That mixed with the best training and endless practicing well, let’s just say you will be on your way to success in no time! 

Network & Shadow Professional Makeup Artists

Watching the pros at work and assisting as needed could be a huge asset to just starting out. This is how you will meet other makeup artists. You would be surprised who you will have the opportunity to meet at makeup school. So choose one with the right connections for you.

For example, because MMA makes it a requirement that their instructors be actively working in the makeup industry, you could derive opportunities from your instructors. If one of your instructors does wedding makeup and you want to join her to get the full experience, ask to join in on the opportunity. Try to expand your social circle and get to know your peers while in class. It never hurts to ask if they have any internship opportunities available for you as well! 

MMA staff

Let’s recap! 

So you are starting out in makeup school and want to crush it! Here is a recap of how to succeed in makeup school.

Be sure to pay attention to your talented instructors, who are already successful makeup artists. Practice makeup application on your OWN time too. The more you practice, the better you will become. Explore self-expression & creativity in your work! You’re in makeup school, this is when you want to make your finished work pop! Have fun with it. Lastly, utilize the resources your makeup school provides for you! Such as connections and networking opportunities. 

These are all excellent tips on how to succeed in makeup school and LOVE it every step of the way!

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