How Additional Certifications Help Makeup Artists Flourish In Their Profession

Additional Certifications

In our previous blog we explained the Core Program, and… if you remembered, we mentioned our additional certifications available at the academy. Today we will dig a little deeper into both of them and how they will benefit your career.

Bridal Certification: 

The biggest most important day to a lot of individuals is their wedding day. This is the day when they want to feel absolutely STUNNING! So what do they do? They venture out and search for the best bridal makeup professional around. You can be awesome at developing any look but can you specifically produce the special, perfect, illuminating bridal look a client is looking for? Being able to tell your client you are certified in bridal media will put you at the top of their list. 

Which brings us to an additional course we offer at Multimedia Makeup Academy. Our Bridal Certification Program, which includes Bridal Media 1, Bridal Media 2 & the Business 2 course. The Bridal Certification course will equip you with the skills to execute a variety of bridal looks for all styles and seasons. Bridal Media 1 will teach you everything from the most popular, to the most unique bridal looks along with creating a professional bridal kit. Being prepared for the biggest day of your client’s life is HUGE! We make sure you won’t miss a thing. 

Tears usually make an appearance on a wedding day. Whether they are happy or sad we want to make sure you are ready with those quick fixes & shortcuts. The Bridal Media 2 course will teach you how to prepare for these situations. We want to make sure you always bring your ‘A’ game on location, which is why we incorporate teachings of proper kit setup & product substitutions.

In Business 2 you will learn how to advertise, budget, and brand for your bridal business. In addition, you will learn to generate a clientele and kick start your bridal career. Knowing the business aspects will prepare you for success. In addition, this course will teach you how to be a wedding professional & how to successfully set up consults with your clients that will end in a “You’re hired”! 

This brings us to our second certification program that will help assure your content WOWS your audience with the proper editing guidelines. 

Content Production Certification:

Time to promote your portfolio! This is how you will attract a lot of your clients. It is crucial that you present quality images in your portfolio! This course will expose you to the industry standards and BEST practices.

More specifically, this course is broken down into three sections: Photography + editing, video + editing, & social media marketing. Making sure you’re advertising your skills to the fullest potential. Rather than hiring someone to manage your content and edit your photos, you learn it all here. We break it down so you are up to date with the latest applications & resources. 

To conclude, the Bridal & Content Production Certification may be added to any of our existing programs (Special FX, Core, or Media). BOTH of these additional certifications are included in our Masters Program. Stay tuned for next week to learn about our Media program! Can’t wait to learn more about our Masters Program? Simply click here for more information. 

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