How To Become A Master Of Artistry

Master Program

We saved the best for last! Our fifth and final program offered at Multimedia Makeup Academy is the Master of Artistry Program. This is a collection of Core, Media & Special FX programs, including BOTH the Bridal & Content Certification programs. The Master of Artistry Program provides the student with the most well-rounded education. Furthermore, preparing them for their career as a makeup professional.

Explore and master all the programs preparing and qualifying you for any future professional makeup career. Mastering every type of makeup the program has to offer will help you become a diverse & desired artist in the industry. Enjoy learning the core competencies as a makeup artist, learn how to differentiate their style for media purposes. Here you will have the chance to learn from a variety of styles and techniques, from working on bridal makeup to creating monsters and trauma pieces. Master of Artistry Principles will equip you with what you will need to know in order to succeed in the beauty, fashion/commercial and/or film industries.

Besides our comprehensive programs, another great aspect of the academy is that we help you find the career that’s right for you. It is crucial to make sure you have the education/tactics to develop a large client base. The academy wants you to leave with a well rounded portfolio, along with the ability to properly capture/present all your best work. When you embark on your education here you immediately are provided with connections along with awesome networking opportunities.

In addition, you can find the in depth knowledge of each specific program mentioned in the previous blogs. If you missed any of these, you can refer back at anytime. Already know the Master Program is right for you? Then no need to wait simply Click here to apply now or to schedule a tour!

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