How To Pick The Perfect Lipstick Color For Your Makeup Look

choosing lipstick color

Let’s refocus everyone… We all know that due to current circumstances, the main point of focus has been the eyes when it comes to makeup. We’ve decided, in light of better times ahead, we are shifting to the lips! Lips will be making a HUGE comeback.

In 2021 we want to make sure you are looking your best for yourself! Completing a makeup look that best compliments you and your features often has to deal with the wide variety of colors out there. Something that makes an impact on every final makeup look is the lipstick color you choose! 

Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect lipstick color for YOU! So, let’s get started… 

Compare Your Skin Tone With Your Lipstick Color

The first step when choosing your lipstick color at the beauty store is define your skin tone. There are pretty much three skin undertones: cool, warm and neutral. If you have cool undertones you may want to consider soft browns, nudes or even pink colors. Warm undertones complement peachy or pale pink lipstick colors. Lastly, those with neutral undertones can pretty much take their pick, as a variety of colors would be complementary. 

Pro tip: take into consideration how the color looks against your teeth! You can have very pearly whites and the wrong undertone in a lipstick will make them appear dull or yellow!

Check Out What Lipstick Colors Are Trending 

Variety of different lipstick colors.

Keeping up with the times is crucial no matter what your complexion is. You want to make sure you are staying up to date with what’s in style and what’s not. 

Take a look at this article from Cosmopolitan magazine for the “13 Best Spring Lipstick Colors to Try for Spring 2021.” Some of our favorites include; Blk/Opl Liquid Matte Lipstick in Fab Fuchsia, Bobbi Brown Crushed Shine Jelly Stick in Honey and Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in 999 Bloom.

Match Your Lip Color To Your Mood

how to choose the right lipstick

Are you feeling risky, daring, determined, bold, relaxed, or simply happy? A fun way to choose your lip color is match it towards your mood. For example, if you are feeling confident you may want to try a deep purple or burgundy and of course an all time favorite, red!

Another example would be when your feeling happy! This may be portrayed through a bright pink lip color. You can have fun with it. When you are feeling down maybe you want just a subtle lip gloss with a nude undertone.

Feeling great in your own skin? If you wake up and feel like going natural maybe try a light nude or soft subtle pink.

One of the most fun moods to match with your mood is definitely: BOLD! This is when you can jump outside of your comfort zone and really be unique with your choice in lipstick color. Maybe you are feeling a neon blue or even a deep gold. The possibilities are endless when you mood is set on bold.

What Size/Shape Lip You Have Will Affect Your Perfect Lipstick Color 

Lipstick color application

Having your lip color complement your lip shape and size is a bonus! So in order to do this choose your lipstick color accordingly. It is recommended that for a thinner lip you may want to stay clear of dark/flashy lipstick colors. Why? Because, these colors have the ability to actually make your lips appear thinner. So for those who have more of a thinner lip, you cant go wrong with a more creamy and subtle lipsticks. 

For those who have more of a plump lip it is just the opposite! You may want to avoid using super light shades and lipsticks that are too shiny or have glittery textures.  

There you have it! A few factors to think about before selecting your next lipstick color. 

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