Just Wing It:  Tips and tricks to getting the perfect winged eyeliner

Eyeliner can make or break an eye look. Liquid eyeliner, while gorgeous, can end in a disastrous mess. Below are tips and tricks for all levels of experience with liquid eyeliner…

1. Use Card-stock as a Stencil to Form the Perfect Wing!
business card winged liner
Credit: Danielle Mansutti

Using scissors, cut out the desired shape of your winged liner out of the card-stock. Next, place the card-stock on your eye and fill in the empty space with liquid eyeliner. Finally, draw a line across the top of your lashes to connect with the wing created with your stencil.

2. This Takes the Name “Shape Tape” to the Next Level
tape for winged liner
Credit: Unknown

An easy way to get a perfect wing is to use tape as your guide. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, place tape diagonally toward the end of your eyebrow. Using your liquid eyeliner, draw a diagonal line following the edge of the tape. Finally, draw a line across the top of your eyelashes, connecting this line with the highest point of your first, diagonal line. When employing this technique, it is recommended that you apply your eye makeup prior to your foundation because the tape can easily wipe your foundation off.

3. Connect the Dots!
connect the dots winged liner
Credit: Unknown

This is the best technique for beginners, especially when you are in a rush! The first step is to draw mini lines or dots across the top of your lashes. Next, carefully connect these lines or dots to make a single line

4. The Only Good Kind of Flat-lining!
flat liner pen
Credit: Unknown

This is a good technique to use when you are on-the-go. Using the flat(side) part of your liquid eyeliner applicator, gently draw a line above your top eyelashes

5. Bobby Pins are Not Only for Your Hair!
bobby pin for winged liner

Credit: BeautyNMalia

Originally created to hold hair in place, bobby pins can also be used as a stamp for the wing of your eyeliner. To start, take a bobby pin and place your liquid eyeliner on the opening (as shown above). Next, place the bobby pin on your eye in an upwards, diagonal direction, with the closed part of your bobby pin touching the end of your eyebrow. Next, remove the bobby pin and fill in the space. Remember to gently place a coat of eyeliner right above your top lashes and connect it with the wing.

6. Use the Vamp Stamp
vamp stamp for winged liner

Credit: BeautByJosiek

The Vamp Stamp (pictured above) is a stamp that you can use to apply your eyeliner. Using your liquid eyeliner, apply a layer of eyeliner to the stamp. Next, place the stamp onto the corner of your eye. Finally, remove the stamp and then line the top of your lashes with eyeliner, connecting this line with the stamped wing.

7. Just WING It: Freestyle
freestyle winged liner

Credit: Tina Wong

When it comes down to eyeliner, sometimes you do not need to have a surgeon’s hands. When it comes down to it, eyeliner does not have to be perfect. Yes, eyeliner can make or break a makeup look, but nobody is going to look at every precise detail of your eyeliner.


Having a surgeon’s hands for eyeliner is just not the case for most of us.  The fact of the matter is, eyeliner does not have to be perfect. Sure, eyeliner can make or break a makeup look, but no one is usually close enough to your face to see every detail of your eyeliner.  Besides that, remember… it’s just makeup!  You can take it off. The best thing to keep in mind when applying eyeliner is patience. You may not get eyeliner perfect at first or every single time you do your makeup, but if you keep trying, you will succeed at creating the perfect wing!

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