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You’re ten years old again, sitting in front of the TV with your favorite Disney show Hannah Montana playing, singing along to “The Best of Both Worlds.” You know every word. It was every child’s dream to be just like Hannah, transforming into a rockstar with just a bit of makeup and a wig change so that they could also have the best of both worlds.

We all might be grown up and out of our Hannah Montana phase, but it’s still very much possible to have the best of both worlds that we once sang so passionately about. The Academy’s beauty programs that pair makeup education with esthetics or cosmetology provide students with skills and experience to be just like their childhood idol.

The Best of Beauty School

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Makeup, cosmetology, and esthetics are all art forms that allow individuals to change and alter appearances in many ways, just like our girl Hannah did. At Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Special FX, a robust and comprehensive makeup education is guaranteed for students, whether they choose to pursue esthetics or cosmetology.

While most beauty schools offer programs for esthetics, cosmetology, or makeup, The Academy is the only beauty school where students get to develop their makeup education while training to become a cosmetologist or esthetician at the same time.

Each program at The Academy runs for hundreds of hours, providing students with extensive experience and practice to perfect their techniques and improve their skills. What’s great about the esthetics and cosmetology programs is that each one dedicates many hours into makeup education, perfectly balancing out the time students train in their specialized field and in makeup.

Every student takes the Makeup Essentials course, with forty hours of learning and practice. In this class, students learn color theory, foundation matching, sanitation, tool selection and use, basic contour and highlight skills, and accurate placement for every facial feature.

From here, students can choose from a variety of makeup courses based on their own interests and talents while they continue their esthetics or cosmetology training. Let’s go ahead and take a look into some of what students can learn during their makeup education at The Academy.

The Best of Makeup Education

Makeup education at The Academy covers master, scholar, professional, and special FX makeup. Students can choose makeup education classes that teach specific techniques, procedures, and styles. For example, the Bridal Media classes provide students with the necessary skills to execute a variety of bridal looks for all styles and seasons based on the client’s needs.

These courses clock in at around 20 hours each, providing students with ample time to learn, practice, and hone their makeup skills for the bridal industry. Ever wondered how bridal makeup differs from culture to culture? These Bridal Media courses include Middle Eastern and South Asian bridal makeup styles!

For students that might be more interested in the history of makeup and how it evolved over time, the Vintage Beauty course takes students back through time as they learn about makeup styles and applications from the 1920s to the 1970s. From era appropriate colors to product choices to the modern replication of decades-old makeup styles, students develop a unique makeup education that allows them to recreate some of the most iconic makeup looks throughout time.

If you’re interested in more creative makeup, The Academy also offers courses in Avant Garde and Special FX! Avant Garde makeup emphasizes creativity and uniqueness, so students can freely experiment with makeup styles and designs while practicing their techniques and skills. Special FX makeup is a transformative technique used in movies, television shows, and cosplay.

Through several different courses and hundreds of hours of classes and practice, students of special FX makeup learn mold making, life casting, and sculpting techniques to create characters and transform appearances. Special FX makeup also includes wounds like burns, bruises, and cuts, which can make for some pretty realistic Halloween costume details. Check out our blog on special FX to learn more about what you can do as a special FX makeup artist with an esthetics or cosmetology license!

Makeup education at The Academy is unlike any other beauty school that provides makeup training. Specialized classes in Avante Garde or Special FX can’t be found elsewhere, and these classes thoroughly instruct students and provide extensive practice time for them to perfect their skills and techniques. You get the best of makeup education at The Academy!

The Best of Both Worlds

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“Mix it all together and you know it’s the best of both worlds!” Only The Academy provides programs in which you can study makeup and esthetics or makeup and cosmetology at the same time. Students get a comprehensive and robust makeup education that other beauty schools don’t offer while simultaneously training for their license in esthetics or cosmetology. From bridal makeup to special FX, students choose which path in their makeup education they want, letting them follow their passion within the beauty industry.

Becoming a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist who is also a professional makeup artist makes you more marketable and successful as a beauty school graduate. You become more sought after since you’ll be licensed in two major areas in the beauty industry! Clients in salons and producers on movie or television sets want beauty professionals who have had a well-rounded beauty education and have extensive experience in their licensed areas.

The best of both worlds starts here at Multimedia Makeup Academy! You get the best makeup education and the best training in esthetics or cosmetology that any beauty school can offer. Check out our programs to get one step closer to fulfilling your childhood dream of being just like our girl Hannah Montana. And who knows, maybe you might also become a star with your exceptional talent and education in the beauty industry!

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