Makeup Scholarship Opportunities: 5 You Won’t Want To Miss

So you want to attend makeup school but feel as though you need some help in the financial department? You are in luck! Here are 5 Makeup Scholarship opportunities You WON’T Want to Miss! Multimedia Makeup Academy offers 5 scholarships throughout the year. That’s 5 chances to earn financial assistance towards your education at makeup school. 

These 5 scholarships are all unique in their own way. Some apply to everyone; others are a little more specific. Be sure to apply for the one that fits you best. To give some insight on MMA’s scholarships, here is a brief explanation of each. 

Social Merit Scholarship: 

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Let’s dive into the first scholarship on the list. The Social Merit Scholarship is designed for those who are highly active on a social media platform. If you are active on social platform(s) and have or are interested in gaining a larger following this scholarship is for you. Social media accounts for aspiring artists make for a casual portfolio. Making sure you post quality photos and are working towards a large audience will lead to success. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must complete the following: Applied to MMA, accepted to MMA, submitted a deposit, attended at least 1 virtual open house, tagged us in at least 3 of your own makeup posts. This is in addition to submitting your video.

Jump Start Your Future Scholarship:

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Scholarship opportunities are something that can help jump start your education. This next one is ONLY applicable to high school students or gap year students (within one year of having graduated). If you are an aspiring artist in high school and want to get ahead during your senior year, “Jump Start your Future” scholarship could be the perfect opportunity. Apply during your senior year and submit the requirements to get accepted with an opportunity to earn financial assistance. To be considered for the scholarship you must complete the following in addition to the video: Apply to MMA, accepted to MMA, submit a deposit, & submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or staff member from high school.

“Made For This” Scholarship: 

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Anyone who fell in love with makeup as a hobby and realized it’s a passion that they want to pursue as a career, then this is the scholarship for you. The “Made for This” scholarship is designed to hear your story and how you became so passionate about makeup. This is a chance to showcase your best work while sharing your story. Multimedia Makeup Academy wants you to succeed. In hopes of making that happen we provide these scholarships to help open doors to those who were “made for this.”

In addition to submitting a time lapse video (Discussed in detail in the scholarship requirements) you will have to do the following: Apply to MMA, accepted to MMA, submit a deposit, & a casual portfolio of work (This could be an Instagram account). Another option is creating your own website. Check out this link for ideas on creating your very own online portfolio.

Dream BIG Scholarship: 

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This scholarship is exactly as it sounds! This scholarship opportunity is ONLY applicable to those who are applying for the Master Program. The Master Program of Artistry is a collection of the Professional and Scholar programs. It also includes the Special FX program and the addition of the Content Creator Certification. This program will provide you with the most well-rounded education to enter the career world of makeup artistry! Similar to the other scholarships you will have to complete the following: Apply to MMA, accepted to MMA, submit a deposit, financial Information (complete financial assistance qualifying form), lastly, a letter of recommendation (from someone who was witness to your ability to persevere through a difficult circumstance).

These Scholarship opportunities are provided to help aspiring makeup artists accomplish the highest level of makeup education. Click the button below for more information!

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