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Multimedia Makeup Academy would like to introduce their new YouTube series: Your Best Work. In this series, MMA will highlight the best work of its Alumni, Students, and Instructors! With host Matt Klink, Multimedia Makeup Academy would like o provide a first-hand look at where you can find yourself as a future student.

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Your Best Work: Megan Walker’s Bridal Work

In our inaugural episode, MMA is happy to welcome back Megan Walker. Megan graduated in 2017 and has been featured in countless social media content, blogs, and a guest on other MMA features. 

Megan has been working with Caidy Marie Beauty since graduating from MMA as a makeup artist and esthetician. 

Below is the transcript of our first episode and Megan’s first Bridal Work that made her feel like she was living the dream! Learn how she got there and the emotional connection Megan shares with her work.


Matt: So Meghan can you tell us a little bit about yourself what got you into makeup and how did you find that makeup Academy so high.


Megan [00:01:51] Thanks for the introduction. Yeah. My name is Megan as you said I’m also a licensed esthetician practicing it Caidy Marie beauty and like you said I dabble and specialize in bridal and dabble in film, television, commercial. And how I found the academy was: I was actually enrolled and going to college. I hated it.  I feel like a lot of people start off that way thinking that college is great for them. It’s great for other people and it wasn’t for me. And so I started looking into different Makeup Academy’s. They weren’t really fitting my criteria. A lot of it was static space with two weeks of makeup. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted just to dive in face first into all realms of makeup. At the time it was Michigan Makeup Academy. Yep. So.


Matt [00:02:44] And now we’re fully practicing as the “Multimedia” Makeup Academy. Why? Because we’re here in the studio right now recording something that if you were a student you would have full access to from your first day of enrollment. But sorry to jump in there. I’ve got to do the branding


Megan [00:03:01] No it’s totally fine. I love to utilize the space so I completely understand why it needs to be as is marketed as possible. So I actually got my first job, that I still currently hold right now,  as I was graduating. So a couple months before I walked the stage, I got my job and that you know what.


Matt [00:03:19] Everybody, I’m gonna plug the Academy again. You want to go to our blog to check out our other content that we’ve created. We have tons of content. Actually, I can say, we have tons of Megan Walker content.


Megan [00:03:28] You really do!


Matt [00:03:29] We get tons of great content and once we get a great interview, we want to push that out to you. Megan is a great example of finding finding work and making this into a career and the fact that you’re here now and filming in this studio just goes to show this is a continuous relationship.


Matt [00:03:48] We want to keep boosting you up and we love that you want to keep boosting us up.


Megan [00:03:52] Absolutely.


Matt [00:03:53] So what are you doing now with Caidy Marie?


Megan [00:04:10] I am a licensed obstetrician there. I perform facial treatments, all types of body and facial waxing, as well as makeup and lash lift. So that’s kind of what I’m up to now and now that bridal season is right on the way or around the way it works.


Matt [00:04:28] It’s around the corner, around the way, round the bend.


Megan [00:04:30] Hop skip and a jump.


Matt [00:04:31] Yeah exactly.


Megan [00:04:34] So now that the bridal season is starting to kick off, that’s going to be…consuming most of my Fridays and Saturdays.


Matt [00:04:39] Cool. So I think that’s a good transition to the question we want to ask. What Is your best work?



Megan [00:04:50] One is a lovely lovely bride that I had in New Year and she was actually getting married on New Year’s.


Matt [00:05:01] The theme was When Harry Met Sally?


Megan [00:05:04] It was actually this luxurious ball gown like went to her wedding. So it was cool.


Matt [00:05:30]  Where did that actually take place? Is that in the Michigan area?


Megan [00:05:35] The booking was actually through Caidy Marie. We as a company do 80 to 100 weddings a year. So I get a majority of my bookings through them. And she was a lovely lovely bride that we met.  I believe she was referred to us and we did her trial and she was such a fun such a fun bride. And then on the day of her wedding she brought her whole tribe into our salon and everyone had mimosas. I mean I wasn’t, but they were. But she and her and her crew are just so much fun to hang out with. And the photos turned out so beautiful!


Matt [00:06:21] Let’s jump in to what sort of styles and techniques are we looking at here. Because I will confess to everybody here, I’m a novice.



Matt [00:06:39] Let’s pretend I know nothing about what was going on.


Megan [00:06:45] So she came in wanting a very very bold dramatic look and she explained it in a way that is not appropriate. *Laughing*


Matt [00:06:56] *Laughing* Fantastic!


Megan[00:06:57] But she would like I said she was so fine and she really wanted a look to make her husband say ‘wow’. And just Blow him away with this stunning makeup look. And we achieved that.  My aesthetic in general is very, very natural and very enhancing. I don’t like using makeup as a way to mask or cover. I like using makeup as a way to enhance. And along with the techniques that I learned from Multimedia Makeup Academy, that helped me grow that aspect of my aesthetic. The reason I kind of chose this piece…Was this was the first piece…Mind you I graduated 2017…This was at the end of 2017…This was the first piece where I said to myself ‘I love this’. I even e-mailed this to Brandi (Admissions Director for the makeup school) and I said “look at how far I’ve come.” Kind of toot my own horn.

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Matt [00:07:51] Yeah. You have to do that. Everybody toot that horn when it’s there.


Megan [00:08:00]  I was just very very excited and proud of this piece.



Matt [00:08:06] And this moment for you will always represent that moment you felt fulfilled.


Megan [00:08:13] And that’s why this piece stuck out to me when you first came to me with this idea because I remember emailing Brandi and her saying ‘wow, you have improved tenfold since last time we’ve seen you.’ And again we always stay connected but you know it was just I was very proud of it. And this piece stuck out to me from the moment you mentioned it. So and I got I remember So emailing Brandi and her being super proud too, makes it so great!


Matt [00:08:38] No, I’m super happy that you did because when we were just talking about this and to see Megan’s face light up when talking about this piece…Because of how much it meant to her emotionally. It is… I mean that’s that’s everything that we’re doing and hoping for at MMA… You talk about the decision to be going to school and how you were looking for what you know what’s going to carry you through the rest of your life. What’s going to be the thing that that brings joy. And that was it right there.


Megan has another piece she’d like to show everyone and you can check it out on our YouTube page now! The transcript will be coming shortly!

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