Professional Makeup Artist: What To Consider While On The Job

Professional makeup artists have so many factors to think about in edition to makeup application. Sometimes these factors can get lost or forgotten. So, here is a list of what NOT to do as a professional makeup artist while on the job, in order to perfect your clients experience.

Overly Chatty with the Client: 

For a professional makeup artist this may be an easy thing to overlook, especially if you are someone who has an outgoing personality. Sometimes it is best to make the client feel comfortable without overly sharing too much information about yourself. Keep it professional, short and sweet. Remember that it is not easy to talk while getting your makeup done. Playing music can fill any awkward silence, keeping a variety mix on hand is a great thing to have. This also depends what kind of job setting you are in. If it is a professional setting or set, do not include music. If it is a more casual set having music in the background can be comforting and motivating.

Wearing Too Many Different Scents: This Includes SMOKING:

Be mindful that as a professional makeup artist you are in very close proximity to your client. If you are a cigarette smoker, be sure to cover your tracks prior to applying makeup on your client. This includes overindulging in the perfume department. Overdoing it can be a lot for a client to smell during the entire application process. Everyone has different senses, and some are more sensitive than others. Being mindful of this can add to a great experience your client will remember. 

Your Wardrobe Matters: 

Showing up to a job in high heels and a colorful outfit is not realistic. A makeup look whether it be bridal, film, or even runway takes time (some more than others). Standing for hours could be very uncomfortable in high heels. Also, being aware that a colorful outfit may get very dirty if makeup gets on it. Whereas if you were to wear darker colors like black the powder/any makeup smudges won’t show up as much and you will look more professional throughout the application. Being mindful of your outfit choice should be thought out for comfort and professionalism. 

Slacking on Makeup Sanitation: 

This is a HUGE no when it comes to professional makeup application. If you need a refresh or are unsure what the updated makeup sanitation standards are, getting up to date should be a main priority. You do not want a client coming back with any trace of infection from bacteria and blaming you. This could destroy your image so quickly. Also, your client will feel uncomfortable if they see you doing things without properly sanitizing your workspace/application process. Sanitation Conversation is a fast and easy way to make sure you are up to date and can display the certificate on your portfolio to make you more admirable as an artist.

Being Punctual:

Punctuality is huge when doing makeup for any client. Whether it be for an actor, a model, a bride. All these clients have a place to be, and timing is everything. So, making sure you provide yourself with enough time to set up and complete your makeup application process is crucial. It needs to be well thought out. Not being punctual could ruin the outcome very quickly. For example, being late on a movie set costs the entire production more money as it will set so many other factors back. Timing is so important in these professional settings. Always be on time and plan to make sure you have enough time to complete the perfect look. You do not want to seem rushed and not be happy with the final product yourself. Also, the client will know if you are rushing, this can make them feel uncomfortable and lose confidence in your abilities.

Final Thoughts: 

These are all so important to your brand image as a professional makeup artist. These standards change but the basics mentioned above remain the same. Make sure the makeup school you select is qualified in teaching you all these crucial skills and behaviors. Makeup Sanitation is a big one. At Multimedia Makeup Academy you will be up to date with the latest sanitation standards and more. If later down the line you want to refresh your brain you are always welcome back to MMA as an alumnus! So be cautious and sure when choosing your makeup school. You want to be sure it will prepare you for every situation.

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