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Media Program

Can you picture yourself doing makeup applications for television broadcast, theatre, avant garde, fashion and commercial shoots but aren’t sure where to start? You are in luck… Multimedia Makeup Academy provides the perfect Media Program that will teach you the skills you need to succeed in a professional makeup career in the commercial industry. 


The Media Program offers five courses. It starts with our Camouflage Course, where you will learn how to minimize texture such as scarring and acne along with how to cover vibrant colors for skin conditions. In this course imperfections become a thing of the past, as you utilize high definition technology & products. In addition, this course will show you how to do tattoo cover up, which is a very sought after skill in the industry. 

Vintage Beauty

In the Media Program you will also explore the background of where it all started. This enables you, as an artist to adapt to new styles and utilize or reference older techniques that are still in use today. These techniques are the focus of our second course in the program, Vintage Beauty. Take a trip through history where you will learn how to execute looks from every decade. Some of the topics covered include; Era History 20s-70s, era icons, era appropriate colors, product choices, brow correction, 20s-70s look replications, modern interpretations and brow blocking. 

Business & Multimedia

Incorporating a business course is important for each of our programs bringing us to the third course, Business III. Here is where you will Learn the difference between trade versus paid work, negotiate commercial rates, and photo shoot etiquette in order to work with creative teams & high profile clients.

Want to have the skills to work on photo shoots, ad campaigns, bridal, commercial shoots and runway shows? Our fourth course, Multimedia teaches just that. Including, but not limited to editorial shoots, clean beauty shoots, men’s grooming, women’s styling, location shoots, androgyny, beauty stories & photo shoots. 

Avant Garde

Ready to get really creative? Lastly, is our fifth course in the program is Avant Garde, which allows you to think outside the box and take more of an abstract approach. This is where you will learn innovative product usage, design elements, 3D material incorporation & introduced to conceptual imagery. The finished looks from this course will make for a very unique and personal addition to your portfolio. 

In addition, you can add on our certification courses to this program. These were mentioned in last week’s blog. Stay tuned for next week, you won’t want to miss it! It’s our Special FX Program where you will take a turn into learning the skills needed to succeed in the film industry. Want to learn more about our Special FX program right now? Click here for more information. 

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