Side Hustle: Part Two

Welcome to week two of the SIDE HUSTLE series! Take a moment to read part one if you haven ‘t already! As promised, this week’s focus is on Multilevel Marketing and how it is KEY to your side hustle! Multilevel Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing- this amazing commerce structure has several names. Call it what you want because it is here to stay!

Get your hustle on!

The times are changing…

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the way we purchase goods has changed drastically. With a click of a button we can buy just about anything we need.  E-commerce is not just limited to clothing, electronics, baby items, supplements and cosmetics… now we can also buy groceries and specialty foods!  Amazon recently acquired Wholefoods, so they have made it even easier to splurge on premium groceries. 

If you have been to the mall recently you have witnessed the change in commerce here too. Stores like BCBG, BeBe, Teavana, Perfumania, JC Penny, Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, Radio Shack, Michael Kors, Payless Shoes, True Religion, Gymboree will be closing more than half (or all) of their brick and mortar stores.  This is just a few, there are several thousands more that will change the way their goods are sold by changing to e-commerce. Large corporations like this have seen e-commerce rise to the top of how goods are purchased.

If you are curious, click here to read more about major retailers closing.

Unfortunately, some of them are too late in the game and have lost a tremendous amount of sales volume by not offering a robust selection on their websites.

Why is this happening, you ask?  In my opinion it is quite simple. We have become a nation that likes immediate gratification. In fact, we are accustomed to it. Electronics and technology have made it so easy to buy ANYTHING with just a click or a send.  We are so impatient that we refuse to wait 5-7 days for shipping!  Almost half of all households are Amazon Prime members so they can receive their purchases in 24-48 hours. 

Don’t believe me, read below!

“It is estimated that the number of Amazon Prime memberships in the U.S. jumped 35% last year to 54 million. Since relatively few households have multiple Prime memberships, that level would translate to about 46% of U.S. households having at least one member, according to Michael Levin, a CIRP partner and co-founder. About one in five U.S. adults are members, according to that estimate.”

Source for the above information here

I hope you see where I am going with this. Multilevel Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing or whatever you want to call it is booming because of the change in how we purchase goods.  You can now purchase premium skin care, essential oils, vitamins, clothing, legal advice, gift giving and so much more by way of multilevel marketing.  You can attend a home party or a virtual party to learn and purchase premium products with the opportunity for auto replenishment. That’s right!  This is the beauty of these types of businesses. Once you love the product you don’t have to worry about running out because you will have the option to have things replenished every 30-90 days.  For our nation who is so impatient and does not have time, this is the perfect solution.  I no longer have to worry about running out of wine because guess what?  That comes every 60 days! 

Funny Lincoln Quote

Lincoln really didn’t say that but he should have.


Why am I pro-MLM?

So why am I on the train of multilevel marketing? It’s simple really; I want a piece of the action. In my opinion, EVERYONE should have multiple revenue streams. In other words, put your eggs in SEVERAL baskets not just ONE. People of all colors, ethnicities, professions and lifestyles are becoming millionaires in a VERY short amount of time. So who are the individuals jumping on the train selling goods person to person?  I will tell you who: “smart” people who recognize an opportunity that could change their life in less time than a 40 year career and who are not dependent on the stock market. Historically proven, the stock market will crash again. Don’t be left with your pants down, start thinking about which MLM is best for you.

The truth about pyramids?

 I could not provide you with better insight or explanation than the authors of The Flip Flop CEO.  Let’s first start with the definition of what exactly network marketing or MLM is:

 “Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a system for marketing and distributing products. It’s essentially word-of-mouth advertising.  Companies that use network marketing systems are really from other companies, except for how they make their products known.  Instead of investing in billboards, fancy magazine spreads, celebrity endorsements and giant ad agencies, they spend most of their dollars on people. Yep, that’s right- they pay people to spread the word”

PYRAMID shouldn’t be considered a dirty word.

Don't pay attention to people who are ill informed.

“So why is the word “pyramid” so taboo?  After all, most successful organizations are shaped like a pyramid. Our military, government, universities, corporations, hospitals and school systems: ALL PYRAMIDS.  And there is a reason for that. As an organizational structure of hierarchy, its one of the strongest and most sustainable around. Pyramids are good. Most people think a pyramid structure is an organization where one person (or a few) sits at the top making all the money, while the masses at the bottom do all the work, right? Wrong. That’s not a pyramid scheme. That’s the company you work for. And that’s perfectly legal. Think about it: How many employees make more their managers or CEO?  Legitimate network marketing companies don’t look anything like that. In a network marketing company, all people start at the exact same place, but excel at different rates. Anyone can make it so the top. For some people, it takes months to get there, for others, it takes years. Some never do. Either way, it has a nothing to do with when you signed up or who referred you. Many of the top earners of network marketing companies are people who go in decades after the company was established and long after the first person to sign up.  More importantly many are earning far more than the person who referred them.

See the proof youself by vistiting The Direct Selling Association.

Did you do your homework?

I hope you all took my advice and read the book Flip Flop CEO  I could not explain the concept of MLM better than these two ladies.  Here are a few of my favorite exerts from their book…

“Each of us is the CEO of our own life (not just our profession). We have the choice of how we spend our money as well as how we spend our time. We can fill our schedules with activates that are fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding or with activities that hold us back. Are your choices of your current career or how you are spending time getting tin the way of achieving both the success and significance your deserve?”

 “Flip Flop CEO brings clarity to the often misunderstood field of network marketing explaining its opportunity for prosperity wile addressing and debunking the negative thoughts that surround it.

No matter how much you earn at your job, whether it be a physician, an attorney, a hair stylist, or a receptionist you are most likely trading time for money. Ask yourself, if you stop working, will you stop earning? This book shares a time-tested and realistic way for anyone who has the desire and motivation to seize the opportunity to begin earning residual income without the risk or capital required by most other options. If you are looking for a lifestyle that allows you the freedom and flexibility to work around your life-rather than planning your life around your work- this book reveals it.”

“If you feel that you have to sacrifice a life of significance in order to have success, you might be surprised by what you’ll learn from this little book. Whether you are hoping to earn a little extra income, replace your six-figure salary, or create a plan B to help take you into retirement, be open to the possibility that the solution you’re looking for may “look” very different than you thought!  This book will explain how persona freedom and financial success are possible for you!”

Steve Maraboli has great quotes

Need more proof?

Here are some sites you can use to verify that the MLM company you are interested in is a viable, profitable company. Like anything, there are better performing, more reputable companies than others.  Do your homework and make sure you understand the quality of the product, compensation plan and company vision.  I also advise that you choose something that is conducive to your lifestyle and your network.  I chose skin care because I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and my network trusts my advice on almost all beauty concerns.


  • You can make an exceptional income with MLM and do things like quit your day job and retire your spouse! What is exceptional income…..let’s say $20,000-$100,000 a month!  Yes, I said a MONTH!
  • You are always going to have naysayers, ignore them and stay in your lane. They are probably the same people that don’t have an Amazon Prime membership and go to the supermarket to buy their groceries!
  • MLM still needs to be treated like real business in that it needs to be nurtured and grown. Your successes are defined by your commitment and follow through.
  • All of the hard work and aggravation of opening a new business is already done for you! I have been an entrepreneur for over 18 years and am all too familiar with how much legwork is involved in opening any new business venture. It is amazing that you can walk into an MLM and be a business owner overnight! That’s right no waiting on licenses, attorneys, accountants, city officials to open your retail store. It’s already been configured so all you need to do is tap into your network and tell them all about your new business!
  • When you are a business owner you control your destiny! You decide how much freedom you will have, how much money you will make, and how you will live your life! 
  • You decide how many hours you will put in. You also decide how much money you will make, so make sure you putting in the time to grow your business!

I can’t say enough about MLM and how it can change your life by changing your circumstances, your cash flow and your confidence.  I encourage you to take a piece of the action and choose a MLM that is right for you. Make sure it aligns with your beliefs, your lifestyle and your network. 

Here are a few colleagues in MLM that are working their way to the top.  See if any are a fit for you!

Rodan and Field Skin Care   

Devawn Testagrossa is a global entrepreneur and educator, beauty mentor, wife to a crazy Sicilian, mom of two boys, and is now a consultant for Rodan and Fields skin care.  She can’t say enough about the premium skin care line and is excited to be a part of life changing skin care.


Le-Vel Thrive Premium Nutrition 

Eric Vogel is a global entrepreneur, marketing guru, soccer expert/trainer, committed husband and is a promoter of Le-Vel Thrive Premium Nutrition.


Lularoe (Clothing) 

Sandy Piper is an award winning photographer that specializes in weddings and special occasion events.  She is also a free spirit, artist and fun loving wife.  Sandy is now a consultant for Lularoe


Plexus Weight Management and Nutrition

Necole Vitale is an mompreneur, mother of four, dedicated wife and is now a consultant for Plexus.

Setting up a side hustle CAN and WILL set you up for success! 

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